Carolin Moldenhauer

Country of residence: Mid-Germany

Countries of teaching: Germany, USA, Sweden, Slovenia, Spain – and other worldly places

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +49 (0) 173 3753008


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You can contact Carolin for:

  • ST Lectures
  • ST Lessons
  • ST Workshops
  • ST Demos (small format)
  • Training horses


Grade in the ST Evaluation Program

  • 2014: Grade 1
  • 2014: Grade 2
  • 2015: Grade 3

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Certification & Licensing as ST Instructor

    • 2016: D Instructor
    • 2017: D Instructor
    • 2018: D Instructor
    • 2019: D Instructor
    • 2020: D Instructor
    • 2021: D Instructor & ST Scholar Intructor
    • 2022: D Instructor & ST Scholar Intructor

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Certification & Licensing as ST Evaluator

  • 2016: ST Evaluator
  • 2017: ST Evaluator
  • 2018: ST Evaluator
  • 2019: ST Evaluator
  • 2020: ST Evaluator
  • 2021: ST Evaluator & ST Academy Coach
  • 2022: ST Evaluator & ST Academy Coach

Carolin's STory

“You don’t know, what you don’t know until you know!

A couple of years ago, way before ST I already thought, yes, you know quite a bit about horse training. But when I now look back it was maybe ‘quite a bit’ back then but observed from my point of view today I have to realize that it was very superficial.

I started to study ST at the end of 2013 and I loved it right away. I gained a lot of knowledge from the outside-in in the Mastery coaching period, and later on in the great and intensive instructor and evaluator education. Applying the knowledge in my lab and giving many lessons and workshops brought everything, even more, to life and made it more and more an inside-out experience.

However I have to admit, the longer I’m practicing ST the more I feel that I really start to understand the real beauty and essence of ST in more and more depth, so that all the pieces finally fall a little more together and the bigger picture makes more and more sense.

I feel myself living all the concepts even more from the inside out than only applying everything from the outside in. When I have to describe my knowledge now, I would say, yes, for sure you gained a lot of knowledge in the last almost 9 years, but at the same time, I see the fantastic amount of knowledge that is still there to discover and that there are so many nuances to dive even deeper into it! So it’s really about preserving this forever student and beginner’s mind in yourself to not limit yourself!

It’s not about the exercises my horses are able to do, but it’s about the real essence and quality that they are able to show mentally and physically. The solid fundament they gained and also the holes that are popping up from time to time show me, that I have to dig even deeper into the theory first, to really get it from the outside-in and then allow my mind and body to experience it from the inside-out with my lovely four-legged teachers in our labs.

What fascinates me the most is the mental connection you can create with your horse. Where your horse is truly with you, thinking about your requests and the actual behavior, which allows a beautiful lively dialog to develop. And the best thing about that is, that when you truly have the mind and the heart of your horse with you, everything feels light and effortless and this is something, experienced once, that you will always search for.

So, yes, ST gives you the map, but you really have to fill in the details for every special horse! It amazes me every day when I see that things are working out and suddenly my horses are able to offer me something new!

On this journey, my horses were and are my biggest treasure and teachers. I love them even more for that they are trying hard to cope with me and giving me their best efforts and I apologize often and promise them I’ll work on myself and that is what I’m doing! I’m digging deeper and deeper to not only understand and know it from the outside in but also incorporate it and really feel, do and know it from the inside out! So a long, interesting but also so rewarding journey ahead of me and I’m looking very much forward to sharing these nuances out of my own lab with my students …

In July 2020 Marijke launched the ST Scholars Program and I was again all in. I loved this new format and I booked a couple of months of private coaching with Marijke to start this journey with my training horse Chito and it was again a great learning curve. It was also fascinating to see the scholars consistently progress throughout the monthly cycles under Marijke’s tuition. At the end of 2020, Marijke invited me to join the ST Academy Coach team which I did and I’m loving it since then.

The pictures are showing my dear old lady Whoopy now 27 yo and my dear Floh.


Sadly Floh already passed away due to a broken leg but she taught me so much and is still very present in my heart and mind. Whoopy is still fit and agile and I keep her like that with continuous light ST work.

There are also pics from Coffey and Chito. Both of them were in training with me for a couple of years until their owner sadly decided to move.

Furthermore, you can see my two youngsters. Mona is 6 yo and Olaia is 4 yo. Both Lusitanos. They are the future and I’m starting this journey again together with them and I’m super curious about where it will take us. I’m sure there will again be a lot of holes to fall into but maybe different ones …

So, this is more than enough about me and my journey so far.

I’m looking very much forward to meeting, following, and maybe coaching you guys within the ST Academy. ”

~ Carolin Moldenhauer, ST Instructor, Germany