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Part 4: 2018, Here We Come!

Welcome back!

Thanks for joining me in this 4-part series, and if you’re new, let me give you a quick recap:

  1. In part 1, we went back to 2008 to see how far we have come.
  2. In part 2, we envisioned 2028 how far we can go.
  3. In part 3, we defined WHAT we want as an outcome at the end of 2018, and WHY.
  4. In part 4, we will plan HOW to get there, and how to arrive on 31 December 2018!

Now the reason I do this 4-part series is, that I want you to succeed and feel fulfilled at the end of 2018!

And because I’m a little concerned…

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ST Event Group now Public

Our ST Event Facebook Group is a central place where details of ST events, clinics, workshops and lessons with licensed ST Instructors can be found, and this group is meant to create an overview of all ST events that are being organized around the world in 2016.


Until yesterday, the ST Event Group was ‘CLOSED’ group, but we have changed the group settings to ‘PUBLIC’ group because of the following reasons:

  • All the events will now be visible to the public
  • The timeline with new created events will be visible to everyone
  • The events can be easily shared by everyone
  • Everyone can easily join and see he’s joining or not

Just click on this link to visit and to (re)join the group:

www.facebook.com/groups/StraightnessTrainingEvents/ Read More..

Is your horse left-bended or right-bended?

A very dominating lateral asymmetry of a horse is the lateral bend in the body. Almost every horse bends naturally more easily to one side than to the other. So some horses bend more easily to the left and others more easily to the right when they move.

In this article you can read more about this phenomenon and can download a free checklist to determine the lateral bend at your horse.

Cllick HERE for the article and download the FREE checklist >>

And please let met know in the comments below, do you have a left-bended or a right- bended horse. Or perhaps you have an S-shaped horse?