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Exploring A New World

In general, the socialization period for dogs is from about three to twelve weeks old.

Lack of socialization during this time period can result in dogs who are frightened of “the new”: people, places, objects, and activities.

Usually, dogs that are handled and petted by humans regularly during their first eight weeks of life, and have visited several places, plus met other dogs, those dogs make the best pets.

But Wolfee had been missing some important experiences in her socialization period:

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Adopting Wolfee & How She Got her Name

Although Wolfee was protected and sheltered by the sheep, she was on her own when it came to finding meat.

So for a few days, I spend some hours “hanging out” with Wolfee and the sheep, and I brought along some doggie food for her.

She enjoyed it thoroughly, and although her best friend, the buck, was curious about the food, obviously he didn’t like it. 

After a few days, I was able to catch Wolfee. 

She quickly settled down and adjusted to her new living environment, where she loves to sleep on a bareback pad from sheepskin.

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