A Break Can Do Wonders – 7 Tips So Your Horse Learns Faster

After 10 months being ‘out’ of the game, Maestro and Toronto are back in:

  • Toronto, 18 years old now, had a tough couple of months at the start of this year.
  • And Maestro became 24 years old last April!

But their ‘mental’ game is strong at the moment!

So we did some groundwork and longeing in the last couple of weeks.

And this is an impression of the very first duo-liberty session in the new riding arena:

Now it’s always interesting to see that, what a horse knows, he knows:  Read More..

Liberty With Five Horses

In this video you’ll meet my five horses (from left to right):

  • Romanesque – Born 1998 – Dutch warmblood
  • Prince Elmelund – 2005 – Frederiksborger
  • Maestro – 1994 – Dutch Warmblood
  • Toronto – 2000 – Dutch Warmblood
  • El Blanco – 2001 – PRE (Andalusier)

They all live together 24/7 in the pasture, so last year I thought it would be not such a big deal to start doing liberty together…

Wrong … Read More..

Terre à Terre training

Maestro is a senior horse and he is now 20 years old, but  he is still going strong!

A 20 years old horse is actually not considered as ‘old’ in straightness training.
Thanks to straightness training horses can live a long and healthy life as a riding horse until an old age!
Click on the video to see Maestro giving his best in the exercise  Terre à Terre:

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