Prince Elmelund

Beautiful Sunsets Need Cloudy Skies

The road to Mastery is not an easy road.

And at some point, we’d like to ask for a lighter road, an easier job, a less difficult task, an effortless exercise, a better something.

But then we have to remember that the key component to beautiful sunsets is: clouds!

Only then the light will start reflecting in many charming ways.

Now we’d like to avoid the clouds in our training sessions – and in our lives – and be sunshiney and feel happy all the time.

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Effective & Efficient Training

After a couple of weeks of groundwork and longeing, we did an observing session at liberty:

  • It showed that Prince Elmelund is mentally seen ready to deliver.
  • But physically seen, he still lacks the muscles and core strength after 10 months of holidays and a bit of training.

Now when it comes to self-carriage, we need it both in body and mind.

And it’s a bit the chicken and the egg, what is needed first?

Well, it doesn’t matter what came first, we need both!

This means:

  • The liberty work will get better physically seen, once the self-carriage in the body is developed in groundwork, longeing, work in hand, and riding pillar.
  • And those other 4 pillars will get better mentally seen, once our horse gives his Best Aikido at liberty, expressing self-carriage in the mind.

Now with is self-carriage in the mind exactly?
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Observe First, Produce Later

This is a video of the very first training session with Romanesque and Prince Elmelund in the new riding arena.

Now about this ‘training’, it was not really about ‘teaching’ or ‘optimizing’ quality, but an ‘observational’ training, to observe their body, mind, heart and soul and their opinion about the new working environment.

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