Weekly ST #21 | Marijke de Jong Live

A lot of us spend way too much time indulging in doubt, confusion, overwhelm and indecision, instead of making decisions and feeling confident. This causes us to miss out on reaching the next level and evolving into an even better version of ourselves.

This week, we explore the reasons why we leave decisions unmade and you’ll get tips to help you make decisions more quickly, save time, and achieve amazing results:

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Weekly ST #20 | Marijke de Jong Live

The questions that we ask ourselves are most often the most powerful tools we can use when training our horse. By asking empowering questions, we get inspiring answers, not only from ourselves, but also from our horse.

This week, we’ll explore how to start asking the right questions that will give you the answers to help you steer not only your training sessions but also your life in the right direction.

Plus, this episode will be the kick off for enrollment in the Basic ST Instructor Certification Program:

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Weekly ST #16 | Marijke de Jong Live

Living life on your own terms means four things:

  • You do what you love.
  • You do what you’re good at.
  • You do what the world needs.
  • You do what you can be paid for.

When you live your life on your terms, you combine your passion with your profession, your mission, and your vocation.

When you live your life on your terms, you have found your sweet spot.

In other words: you have found your ‘Ikigai‘.

Ikigai is a Japanese concept meaning ‘A Reason For Being‘.

It’s our unique purpose in life, and makes one’s life worthwile, and therefore, successful.

On this episode of Weekly ST, we take a closer look at what it means to live your dream and go over the four areas you need to get there:

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