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Straightness Training Facebook Groups

We designed particular Straightness Training Facebook Groups for riders in a particular country who are interested in Straightness Training (ST).

Riders of a particular group can post informative, interesting and funny ‘ST’ things to talk about with other members in their country!

And you can invite all your friends!

A big advantage is that you can talk about ST in your own language in a particular group.

And it’s great to find out who lives near to you, so you will perhaps be able to find an ‘ST study buddy’. 

Below you’ll find the list with the ST FB groups for the different countries, open to everybody who is interested in ST.

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First ST Clinic in Brazil

We have just enjoyed the first Straightness Training clinic in Brazil and Victor Gueiros Freire did an amazing job in organizing this clinic!

It has been a F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C. time teaching and there was a lot of learning going on in groundwork, longeing, work in hand, and liberty training!

It was very valuable to create awareness about natural asymmetry and imbalance and to teach straightness training on all levels: physically, mentally, emotially and spiritually. This created a better understanding of the horse in general and during the clinic we could respectfully address the specific needs of each horse in particular.

Marijke de Jong

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