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ST Live Event 2015

z IMG_4805WOW!!!

What a great event it was, the Straightness Training Live Event 2015!!

In August 2015 about 70 amazing ST Mastery Students from Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden, US and the UK brought there good vibes and positive energy to the event!!

We had an amazing time together!!

It were 3 fantastic days of total immersion in Straightness Training and the central theme of the event was:

How to become a Straightness Training Instructor“.

Many ST (Trainee) Instructors from the UK, Germany and the Netherlands came to the event to give several lessons, presentations, workshops and demos with their lovely horses.

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ST Instructor Clinic in Brazil – 2015

I just wrapped up the ST Instructor Clinic in Brazil – AMAZING experience!!

The Brazilian ST Trainee Instructors Victor Gueiros Freire, Marianne Van De Sande Lee and Juliana Dorneles showed great progress, not only in their journey to become the best horse trainer they can be, but also in their journey to become an inspirational teacher, who adds great value to and who makes a true difference in the lives of humans and horses.


It was so great to help not only Victor, Marianne and Ju, but also ST Mastery student Helene Ecklin, Beatriz Lefèvre and Victor’s stable managers Willian Pinheiro and Afonso Da Silva in taking the next steps towards the next levels in Straightness Training during 4 intensive days.

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Cow Herding & Cow Cutting with Greetje Hakvoort

In July my horse Romanesque and I went to Greetje Hakvoort to do some ‘cow herding’ and ‘cow cutting’ together.

Cow herding’ is bringing the cattle from one place to another. ‘Cow cutting‘ is separating one or two cows from the herd and to keep them separate for a while. It’s great to use dressage and riding maneuvers for a real purpose:


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