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Final ST Mastery Clinic in the UK

final-st-mastery-clinic-ukWhat a S.U.P.E.R.D.U.P.E.R. 3 days it have been during the final ST Mastery clinic in the UK! I went home fueled with much more energy then when I came!

And this was all thanks to the wonderful riders Roz Richmond, Wendy Poore, Jacquie Billington, Christy Morley,
Judy Kelly, Zaneta Georgiades, Elaine Coxon, and Rebecca Gilbert and their lovely horses Bob, Marley, Fox, Safana, Rupert, Lady, Mido and Milly! It has been such an honor to be part of your ST journeys! Watching you and your horses grow and develop over the years has been simply amazing!!! And to all the other clinic participants who brought their awesome positive vibes to the clinic!

Below you can view pictures and read some reports and comments about the clinic!

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ST Trainee Instructors from Germany

In August 2015 the two ST Trainee Instructors from Germany, Carolin Moldenhauer and Miriam Sherman, came to the Netherlands to take the next step in their development towards Grade 3 in ST Evaluation.

Both Miriam and Carolin are on the level of Grade 2 in ST Evaluations and their goal is to achieve Grade 3 at the end of this year.

Carolin brought her two lovely mares Whoopy and Floh to the clinic and Miriam brought her lovely 21 y.o. gelding Misfit.

Miriam Sherman and Misfit  Carolin Moldenhauer and Floh

Both Carolin and Miriam wrote a report about the clinic. Read More..

ST Open Clinic UK – Reports & Insights


On August 15/16 ST fans from the UK gathered together for the ST Open Clinic.

8 Riders received 1 on 1 tuition 3 times during the weekend, and spectactors could watch all these lessons, which allowed them to see beautiful, interesting and valuable things develop right in front of their eyes.

3 ST Trainee Instructors who are part of the ST Instructor Program 2015 joined this clinic and made a short report about it. And over 25 spectactors shared their Number #1 Insights they gained out of this clinic…

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