Finding Meaning In Challenging Times

A lot of us are still going through a tough time because of the pandemic.

To some of us it even might feel that everything is taken away:

  • The opportunity to train our horse because the yard is in lockdown
  • Our privilege to go wherever we want to go because we need to stay home
  • Our license to do as one wants because we need to keep distance
  • The ability to go out and have dinner at our favorite restaurant because it’s closed
  • Our favorite festivals, birthdays, and parties, because they are all cancelled
  • Our ability to hug our family and friends because we need to keep things safe
  • And maybe our job
  • Our future
  • Our dignity

But remember:

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Stand Guard At The Door Of Your Mind

One of the most dangerous parts of covid-19 is fear.

The coronavirus outbreak is causing fear.

And just like the coronavirus, fear is communicable, contagious, and can spread swiftly.

And the spreading of fear feeds the virus, because stress is the biggest problem in our immune system.

Check out episode #008 of the Self-Mastery Masterclass on:

  • How to reduce stress
  • How keep your immune system strong
  • How to deal with fear-based news
  • How to handle fear from other people
  • How to stand guard at the door of your mind

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How To Add Value

If we’re feeling worried about our current situation right now, we may think it’s because of the corona crisis.

But the reality is that our thoughts are what make us feel worried.

Yes, there are new circumstances happening right now that are out of our control, but we still can influence our thinking and we ask ourselves the right questions.

Watch episode #006 in the  Self-Mastery Masterclass to help you get your power back by adding value:

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