Hunger, Heart & Hard Work Beat Talent

The hungriest worker in the Mastery Class is always going to beat the most talented guy who doesn’t put effort into the programs.

Although it’s useful, talent isn’t everything. Of course, it will give you a head start, but you still have to work hard.

So far, the experience is, that in the end, hunger, heart, and hard work always ‘wins’.

Maybe not immediately, but in the end, hunger always wins.

In the end, hard work always wins.

Heart wins.

I’ve seen it over and over again.

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The Mastery 2018 Class and 2019 Class

Exactly one year ago, we arrived in Portugal!

And the day of arriving, I could feel that this was the right place for us: the horses where immediately comfortable and at ease, and everything was beautiful and sunny! Even my 24 yo Maestro enjoys his life here very much: he’s full of energy and neighs every morning from the full chest when the day begins (I’ll make a video of that soon).

Now moving to Portugal is the best decision we’ve made in 2017, and we’re very lucky to be able to live here and to share our horse training experiences with you from the newly built arena.

And it’s really fascinating to start from scratch after 10 months of holiday for the horses and to get back on track. It’s such a pleasure and privilege to work with them because they are very motivated, giving their all, so it’s really fun to shoot new videos.

Therefore, for the future, we have many plans to create even more value and educational videos, so we can help, inspire and serve riders from all over the world even better!

And I cannot wait to meet the new group of Mastery Students in the Mastery 2018 Class that we’re about to start in our ST Academy in September 2018!

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Momentum Is Key

A key factor to get results in the long run, is to create momentum in the short term.

Whatever skill we want to master, we need to get started, but we also need to keep going.

So momentum is key!

Therefore, it’s a good idea to schedule Straightness Training (ST) for at least two or three days a week in the beginning.

And that leads us to the first tip to create momentum:

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