Is lowering the horse’s neck enough?

is-lowering-of-the-head-enoughThe forward-down tendency and lowering the horses neck is an important part of riding horses, and it’s the second key of Straightness Training, but it is not the only part!

When a rider rides a horse only in forward-down – without engaging the hind legs in a proper way – the following symptoms might arise:

  • The horse leans on the rein and uses the hand of the rider for support, like a fifth leg.
  • The horsae might stumble and overreach because the front legs are too slow leaving the ground.
  • The horse will develop only pushing ability and not any carrying ability , so he will never learn to carry the rider in balance.
  • Due to the weight of the rider that is added to the front legs, strain injuries can occur.
  • The horse moves “downhill”.

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