How does your horse use his hind legs?

  • Does your horse have an unequal pelvis?
  • Is the exercise haunches-in much easier to perform to the left than to the right?
  • Is it impossible to make a square halt?

This may have its roots in the inequality in the horse’s hind legs!

Horses have unequal hind legs, but it’s easier to see in a dog. So if you have a dog, that’s a great opportunity to discover more about how our four legged friends use their hind legs.


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Does your horse feel heavy on the reins?

  • Does your horse feels heavy on the reins?
  • Does he have a ‘hard mouth‘?
  • Does he stumble a lot?
  • Are the back hoofs tapping the front hoofs during riding?

horizontal-imbalanceThat may have to do with the natural horizontal imbalance of the horse!

Did you know that all horses carry about 3/5th of their weight on the shoulders and 2/5th on the hind legs?

If you don’t change this during riding, your horse can feel very heavy on the reins, as if he uses your hand for support, like a fifth leg.

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Is your horse left-bended or right-bended?

A very dominating lateral asymmetry of a horse is the lateral bend in the body. Almost every horse bends naturally more easily to one side than to the other. So some horses bend more easily to the left and others more easily to the right when they move.

In this article you can read more about this phenomenon and can download a free checklist to determine the lateral bend at your horse.

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And please let met know in the comments below, do you have a left-bended or a right- bended horse. Or perhaps you have an S-shaped horse?


If something is out of balance, see it as a challenge

  • Is your horse tense whilst being ridden?
  • Does he not want to turn to one side?
  • Or does he always walk too fast or too slow?
  • Does your horse often strike or does he even rear or buck?
  • Perhaps he is often lame when you ride?
  • Does your riding sometimes feel more like a fight, because your horse always pulls at one side of the bit?

You are not the only one who sometimes feels this way! A lot of riders face these problems when they ride.

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9 Tips to Beat Blue Monday

Blue mondayOn the third Monday of the year it’s Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year, according to researchers.

The third Monday of January has been awarded with this cheerless title due to a combination post-Christmas blues, credit card bills on the doormat, failure of New Year’s resolutions and – in Europe – cold dark nights and awful weather.

The result: feeling down, being inactive and the tendency to give up totally.

Here are 9 things you might like to think and do to stick to your goal, to beat Blue Monday!

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