Stretch Yourself To The Limit

During this pandemic, it’s normal to have concerns about

  • the coronavirus
  • the spread of it,
  • the government’s decisions
  • the amount of food in the supermarket,
  • other people’s actions,
  • lack of work,
  • whether we get the virus or not,

but these are all factors that we cannot control. ‍‍

They are outside our circle of influence.

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Stay Balanced During The Corona Pandemic (COVID-19)

Our own balance in body, mind, heart, and soul is the greatest determining factor in how our Straightness Training works out.

Also, in the challenging times that we’re all experiencing right now, we have to take care not to lose our center.

Of course, we’re all worried about what’s going to happen… today, next week… How long is this going to last?… When will it be over?… What does this mean for me, my work, my students?… What does it mean for the well-being of my family, families, friends, and communities?… Can we keep access to food?….

And yes, our actions are limited, we cannot do anything about the coronavirus (COVID-19) other than follow the basic instructions that doctors and governments are giving us all.

However, our responsibility is unlimited, which means, we have the ability to respond to this situation the best we can with the resources we have. ‍‍

So what CAN we do to avoid that fear, anxiety, and worry are going to paralyze us, and what CAN we do to stay balanced and centered in our body, mind, heart, and soul.

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The Function Of Frameworks

A picture says more than thousands of words, and that’s so true.

There’s so much to tell about this picture – which I did in 12 Mastery Modules in the ST Academy – and it’s impossible to repeat all 12 modules here, so what I’d like to say about the picture, is that it’s a map of the territory.

Like you have a map of Japan: the map is not Japan but it helps to understand Japan and navigate through Japan so you arrive where you want to be.

So in Straightness Training, we use a lot of maps, concepts, frameworks, and models to explain things that happen in our territory – and we even use frameworks within frameworks or combine a certain set of concepts.

And all these frameworks and concepts are not designed for our horse, but for us to help us understand the way our horse thinks, feels, and behaves, so we are able to close the gap where we are and where we want to be and can achieve the results we’re looking for. ‍‍ ‍‍

For example, in this picture, several frameworks shine through: ‍‍

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3 Ways To Improve Your Lateral Work

In Straightness Training (ST), we use three ways to develop a lateral movement. For example, if we want to develop the exercise ‘shoulder-in’, where the shoulders are more ‘in’ related to the position of the hindquarters, we can approach this exercise from three directions. ‍‍

To make this more clear, imagine three circles: ‍‍ ‍‍

🔵 a big blue circle

⚪️ a smaller white circle

🔴 an even smaller red circle. ‍‍

We start using these imaginary circles like this: ‍‍

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Two Big Problems…

Many riders like you aspire to achieve ambitious goals with your horse in 2020!

They’ve set major targets at the start of this year…

On January 1st, they had a true readiness to change…

The truth is, many people give up on their dreams by the end of January.

They start to settle.

They accept mediocrity. 

Or they think they don’t deserve better.

That’s because a lot of riders face one or two Big Problems at the end of January:

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