Impulsion & Schwung

In longeing, we strive for “impulsion“.

Now impulsion isn’t about moving “fast”, but about moving “forward“.

“Forward” means, our horse is moving with forward swinging hind legs, and all four legs are moving forward in the direction of movement.

Impulsion also doesn’t mean moving with a strong “push” against the center of mass having the weight shift towards the front legs. Instead, it’s moving with engaged hindquarters that swing forward under the body and support the center of mass.

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How to Deal with Destructive Criticism?

Critics come in many forms:

👍🏻 There’s constructive, healthy criticism, that is meant to help, and that makes you learn, grow, and change.

👎🏻 And there’s destructive, unhealthy criticism, that is meant to hurt, and that makes you feel disempowered or miserable.

Unfortunately, today’s internet landscape has become an ideal platform for disempowering criticism.

So if you’re being challenged at the moment, then check out my brand new article with 12 tips on how to deal with this phenomenon >>


Horses Don’t Want To Be A Happy Flat-liner

Horses love to be in the “comfort zone”, but too much comfort feels uncomfortable after a while.

It’s the same with us humans:

  • We’d love to do things.
  • To take action.

But after a while…

  • We’d like to relax from that activity.
  • And put one’s feet up.

But after a while…

  • We start to feel a sort of restless again.
  • So we start to take action again.

It’s a natural cycle.

And it’s the same with horses:

  • Now in the wild, Mother Nature will take care of it, and the “stretch” zone arises automatically.
  • But in the domesticated world, our horse spends his time in comfortable, but more unnatural conditions. But as contradictory as it may sound: too much “comfort zone” may lead to discomfort because:

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Think BIG, Start Small

ST Mastery Entry Course

There’s a Zen story about a Buddhist monk who climbed a range of mountains 🗻🗻🗻 and was asked how he did it:

👞 He said that he did it one step at a time!

👞 And he strongly believed that the most important step was the next step.

👞 Because “If you don’t step forward you will always be in the same spot!“

It’s the same with mastering Straightness Training…
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