Weekly ST

30 | How To Handle a Horse With High Energy

Many riders struggle with a horse with high energy and the ‘scary’ situations they sometimes get into.

“Showing him who’s boss” 🤺 nor the other extreme of using treats 🥕 won’t help.

Join Weekly ST to discover an empowering way to interact with a high energy horse and to turn his temperament into talent.

Plus, get 3 STrategies that you can implement right away, so you can immediately improve your horse’s mental and physical balance.

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29 | From “Special Needs” To Unique Strength

A lot of riders have a horse that moves so “downhill” and so wobbly that it makes this horse tricky for a riding horse.

Most of the time, the root cause is the natural asymmetry of this horse. Then the 6 keys of Straightness Training are the solution.

Watch this episode of Weekly ST to discover how a “special needs” horse became a unique horse with unique strengths and talents.

And get 3 STrategies that you can implement right away, so you can immediately improve your training results.

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27 | What to do if you think “I’m not good enough”

So many of us believe we aren’t good enough.

We think we’re not good enough in general, as human beings, or not just at a specific skill such as training or riding our horse.

This week in Weekly ST, you’ll discover 3 STrategies to start believing in yourself, and what you can do to develop and increase self-confidence.

Plus, find out how Nicole Menz from Germany developed an unshakable confidence in herself.

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26 | How To Turn Your Obstacles Into Opportunities

When someone tells me that they have a difficult horse or a problem, it doesn’t mean anything to me.

Seriously. It’s irrelevant. Why?

Because these horses make us wiser and STronger.

You can’t become the horse trainer you want to be on Easy Street.

Overcoming obstacles is a skill you can learn and practice, and when you do, you will be amazed at what you can achieve with your horse.

And that’s exactly what Christine de Groef from Belgium did…

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