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In the pasture with the other horses

May 2010

Since two weeks the horses are out in the pasture. Dosed of course, to not upset the stomach, and not too early because of the amount of sun and temperature difference between day and night. But the horses enjoy it. El Blanco will join the group this year!

Last year it was too early for El Blanco. He was just castrated in April and had been a stallion for eight years. And since he was two years old, he was kept solitair. So after castration he had to rediscover some social manners before he could join the group.

This winter I made a plan to introduce him to all the other horses. He could sniff everyone as he stood in his own paddock next to the other paddocks.

He also moved to an outdoor stall beside other horses for more social contact.

And now it goes awfully well in the group and that is great for El Blanco!

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