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Marble ball in the bottle

November 2009

El Blanco is really a “marble ball in the bottle” horse.

A marble ball fits into a bottle and you can easily put it in a bottle if you keep it just above the bottleneck. 100% guarantee that the ball then goes into the bottle. I you would like to throw the marble ball when you are 5 feet away  then there is 99% chance that you will miss. Unless you gradually expand your distance day by day, then you have more chance of success.

We should train our horses so that the marble ball always goes into the bottle.

And El Blanco is REALLY a horse where the marble ball is NEVER allowed to go next to the bottle, because he will be like a chicken without head.  That means I have to set up the training for 100% successs. He has to stay in his comfortzone and gradually and very carefully I can then stretch this comfortzone.

It’s all about providing safety and comfort to rise his condidence in me, the tools, the exerise and himself.

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