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Arrived in The Netherlands

2 May 2007

Wednesday the 2nd of May, Prince Elmelund has arrived in The Netherlands.

He is staying in De Lindehoeve, a professional facility for raising youngsters:


Transport from Denmark

Prince Elmelund arrived in a large truck from Denmark:

With a big jump he came off the truck:

The truck even had drinking bowls on board:

Christian from De Lindehoeve talking to Vagns, the driver:

To the paddock

Prince Elmelund is taken to the paddock:

Meeting the group of young stallions

After that he is meeting three members of his new group of friends:

Chasing and challenging everybody:

And being chased by the strongest of the three other horses:

With this one he needs to bring in the heavy artillery:

Pas de Deux in Levade:

After this, everyone settles again:

5 May 2007


On Saturday, May 5th, 2007 we went to see Prince Elmelund, to see how he is doing after his arrival in The Netherlands. Meantime, he is the leader of the group…


At night, the four of them are stabled together


Prince Elmelund needs to have one more vaccination and then he’s ready to go into the pasture permanently for the summer.

June 2007

Prince Elmelund has moved to a pasture ”in the middle of nowhere” as you can see, and he is doing fine.


He is there with nine other horses.





October 2007

Prince Elmelund is enjoying the late summer and is totally relaxed….

November 2007

Prince Elmelund is doing well

Daily routine for Prince Elmelund

Looking around …

Leaning on your neighbour….

doing nothing…

having diner…

And the rest of the day is filled with wandering, playing, hanging out, and growing up.

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