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2, 3, 4, 5 May 2008

P.E. is a leftbended horse that needs to learn to bend to both sides. So the muscles on his left side need to be stretched.

Touching and brushing of the legs is going a lot better than yesterday! Today, he is showing a lot of confidence in everything I do with him and ask of him. He is very open and interested.

Later in the afternoon I did some groundwork. Yesterday he was still a bit insecure on both sides, but today you could clearly see that he understood in what direction he should be attempting. He was very calm and focussed in his attempts. To the left was easier than to the right. He bends reasonably well to the left, where to the right he falls on the inside shoulder more often.

He walked very calm and was well behaving while passing the other horses.

Saturday 3 May 2008

Repeated all short sessions again today. Every time it goes better, easier and with more trust.

Sunday 4 May 2008

Today P.E. walked around in the inside arena all afternoon. He is very much at ease there, and he wanders around a bit. Contrary to the first day: then he was running from one side to the other. Funny how fast the new surroundings and sounds becomes normal to a horse.

Also, he got a break from learning today. So he can digest everything a little. I did brush him, and he stood calmly without his halter on, and enjoyed it.

His socks have a lot lumps of clay. I tried to get them out, but after removing three lumps he thought it was enough. I will continue tomorrow. It’s great that he lets me touch his legs already that low.

Monday 5 May 2008

Prince Elmelund seems small in the big inside arena!


His schedule for today:

  • 9 am: free in the inside arena
  • 11 am: brushing
  • 1 pm: 5 minutes work in hand and first step towards longeing
  • 3 pm: free in the inside arena again
  • 5 pm: lifting feet
  • 6 pm: 5  minutes work in hand and longeing in walk

Brushing is going really well. He stands free in the box and he is fine with it. His legs are also no problem. Today I was allowed to brush, pet, and even lift his legs. He also let me cut the lumps of clay from his socks!

Work in hand is going really well. He bends nicely from ear to tail. His tail is hanging to the right in the right bending, and is hanging to the left in the left bending. Edith was an intern today, so she could see that clearly from the side.

In hand he was doing so well that I asked him to make the circle a bit bigger and walk more on his own feet. This went very well. He kept the bending, the forward down tendency and he kept stepping under with his inside leg, also when walking a few metres away from me.

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