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Curb chain

19 oktober 2008

PE does not object at all to the bit, he keeps it still in his mouth and also the curb chain is no problem. There are no reins attached to the bit yet, it is just in his mouth to get used to the bit, and to the tinkling on his head.

A horse can be scared of a curb chain at first, so it is always a good idea not to attach it to the bit immediately, but to tinkle it under his chin forst. If the horse is comfortable with the sound and the feeling, then you can attach it.

The preparation and training at the moment are as follows:

  • First we clean the hooves in the stable.
  • Then we go to the wash area to brush him.
  • Then we put his saddle blanket and his bare back pad on him. This all goes very well.
  • Then we put his cavesson on, and his bit in, this also goes better.

We go to the riding arena to do gymnastic exercises for about 20 minutes:



  • In standing head down, left, right, with a low head, and also with his head a bit higher with the ears up and forward.
  • A few circles to the left and to the right.
  • Then 1 long side straight with LFS, 1 long side haunches-in on both hands.
  • Longeing in walk, a few circles to the left and to the right.
  • Longeing in trot, few circles to the left, to the right, to the left again, to the right again. With transitions trot-halt.
  • Longeing in canter, circle to the left, to the right, again to the left, and again to the right. After cantering, a nice forward trot.

Then standing besides the step stool:

  • hanging a few times on the left side and on the right side
  • put the leg over his back a few times on the left side and on the right side
  • sitting on his back 1x

And then I praise him, we go walking in the forest, and he goes back into the fields.

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