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Dressage Today

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ST Instructor Meg Brauch and ST Mastery Student Carolyn McEvitt made it into the magazine ‘Dressage Today‘ this month in an article about online training. Last year Meg and Carolyn were interviewed by this American magazine for the online Mastery Program.

Prince Elmelund even has a photo with Marijke and Meg from the 2014 ST Live Event in Amsterdam!

You can download the PDF of the magazine here  >>

2 thoughts on “Dressage Today

Comment author said

By Sylvia Deppeler on 13 August 2016 at 01:58

Dressage today has absolutely no resemblance at all to the classical methods used 100 years ago and longer. The horse today is used as a commodity and no longer an extension of ones survival status. Owning a horse 100 years ago and longer was at least equivalent to owning or paying off your house, with almost the same respect and for those who owned one, admirability. Television movies of horse’s in war and cowboy movies have been carelessly displayed, showing that the horse is totally dispensable. What a shame we have adopted this attitude.


Comment author said

By Katy on 13 August 2016 at 22:23

Its good its in such a magazine. Hopefully some people who didn’t know will see why modern dressage is so bad for horses if they hear about ST and look into it and classical principles of riding. A lot of people simply don’t have the right information to do the best for their horses, although when people are making serious money out of competing its easy for the horses (long term) welfare and happiness becomes a second thought and the horse becomes a thing to do dressage with and compete with, rather than dressage being for the horse.


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