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Half pass

30 September 2009

Prince Elmelund is developping the half pass.

To the next exercise

Prince Elmelund is developping better and better in the renvers the last two weeks. His tail is hanging on the wrong side from time to time, so his bending from ear to tail is not always completely correct, but he is trying really hard to do the exercise correctly.

The renvers is far from 100% perfect, but horses develop better when you use the following rule:

When a horse can do an exercise for about 2/3, it is to be advised to start with the following exercise (which is mostly more difficult).

This develops coordination, and it will result in the previous exercise going better.

When the horse can do a circle for 2/3, it is a good idea to start training the shoulder-in, and you will see that the circle goes better all of a sudden!

PE understands the aids for the renvers now, so I asked him to do a renvers on the diagonal (= half pass). The aids are the same, only the wall is missing so he has to be more stable on his own four feet.

The renvers on the circle (= work pirouette) asks for a slightly different coordination and balance, because he has to make a smaller circle with his hindlegs, than with his frontlegs. But also that went quite well for the first time.

Look for yourself!

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