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Hoof abscess

9 october 2008

All of a sudden, Prince Elmelund was lame this morning…

A serious lameness, that suddenly occurs where the horse is having difficulty standing on the leg, is mostly caused by a hoof abscess. So instead of calling the vet, I called the farrier. He was able to come quickly and indeed he found an abscess.

So soaking the hoof in baking soda, or even better, in ‘biotex’. That is less aggressive, and still pulls out the dirt.

Prince Elmelund stood very calmly with his foot in the hoof bag.

Today I did’t close the bag, to avoid any panic. Tomorrow he will me more used to it and maybe I will be able to close it. We’ll see how it feels tomorrow and I will decide then what is reasonable to do.

When you own a young horse, it is important to practise some things BEFORE you need to use them: taking his temperature, touching around the nose, touching the ears, the eyes, and things like the hoof bag.

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