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Learned a lot

6 May 2008

Prince Elmelund arrived in Baak one week ago, and he has learned a lot since then:

Exercise 1: Forward down in standing

P.E. is really good in focussing and he stands still very well, and yields for pressure behind his ears.

Exercise 2: Stelling to the left and stelling to the right in standing

He lets his head be guided to the left and to the right willingly.

Exercise 3: Stepping under

P.E. has learned fast to move on the circle with correct bending. He gives into the hand on the inside rein and he contracts the muscles on the inside of his body. As a result, the inside hip is coming forward, so he can step under with his inside hind leg. He is stretching his outside muscles, so his posture is forward and down.

Exercise 4: More and more on his own feet

His balance has improved, so he doesn’t fall on one of his shoulders as much. Therefore, he can learn to walk in balance with a little more distance.

Exercise 5: Longeing in walk

He can even walk a few steps on his own feet on a giving longe line, with the correct bending in a forward down posture, with an understepping inside hind leg.

Ending with rewarding

In the afternoon I repeated the above once more in the inside arena (this routine takes about 5 minutes). That way, he learns to focus in different environments.

After that, I let him walk free in the inside arena. Through the work we did the past week, a good understanding has grown between us. He never steps un my space uninvited, and he never bumps into me, being higher in rank. Also, the leadership is clear, I always provide direction and tempo, and he follows willingly. As a friendly leader, I comfort him and offer him security and clarity. After training today, this resulted in a join-up, with him following me around the entire inside arena.

(video recorded on May 12th)

The ‘work’ with the legs is also getting better: I can now lift his front legs and pick his hooves.

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