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Prince Elmelund and Zaneta Georgiades

ST Trainee Instructor Zaneta Georgiades from South Africa in action with Prince Elmelund:

Prince-Elmelund-and-Zaneta-Geogiades-3 Prince-Elmelund-and-Zaneta-Geogiades-2

Zaneta Georgiades about Prince Elmelund: 

“With Prince Elmelund I learnt how fine and detailed the inner picture needs to be especially at liberty and how being careful really did not help the communication!

Being careful only created confusion while being clear while staying in the balanced friendly zone created a conversation which allowed him to give me confident answers to my questions.


prince-elmelund-and-zaneta-georgiades-9In the Work in Hand Marijke really helped me to really understand about where I need to focus in the half pass and in pirouette and feeling the finesse of the half halts and the power of the release which allowed Prince Elmelund to be in beautiful self carriage in the utmost lightness of contact.”

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