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14 september 2009

Prince Elmelund is learning the renvers. The bending is not always completely right, and he is still looking for a good, constant balance but the beginning is there. He is really looking for what it is that I want, and he is really forthcoming.


Riding is getting better and better. His ”start” as a riding horse is not really ”academic”. Because I do not have somebody here on a daily basis who is good at longeing, I am not following the Academic way. The Academic way is as follows:

  • 1. longeing in walk, trot and canter without rider
  • 2. longeing in walk, trot and canter with the weight of a rider, without the rider giving any aids
  • 3. longeing with the rider taking over the aids
  • 4. the longe line is taken off, and the helper is walking with the horse for support
  • 5. the helper is taking more and more distance

Step 2,3,4,5 would have to take place first, according to the ‘Academic’ way, but because I do not have a helper available who is really good in longeing, I am taken off leash earlier.

I notice that it is not easy for PE to walk in circles right away, and he is more comfortable walking at the wall to have some support. When he does fall to the inside, on his inside shoulder, I ask a slight contra-stelling in order to get him in balance and with equal weight on both frontlegs again. When he is in balance, I ask him to bend to the inside again.

When he is certain and in balance at the wall, I ask him to go on a circle and I move his frontlegs to restore his balance: when he falls to the inside, I move his frontlegs out, and when he falls to the outside, I move his frontlegs in. In the end, he will stay in balance between my reins, without falling on either rein. Then he will relax as a result of the balance.

When he is in balance, he will lower his head forward down without me asking him to do so. I just wait until he wants to come towards my hand.

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