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Riding in the inside arena

7 August 2009

It has been a while since I have updated on Prince Elmelund. Here goes:

  • In June he had an operation on a fistula on the spermatic cord. All went well, and he is now 100% recovered.
  • He has had a few weeks off then.
  • At the end of July, I got him used to the saddle on the longe line in walk, trot and canter with the stirrups hanging loose. That all went well.
  • From June 1st up to and including June 23th, he has had a holiday, and we restarted training last week.

Prince Elmelund did not forget anything he had learned. Also, he did not loose any of his soupleness. And he is now stronger than ever.

Monday August 24th

Last Monday I worked with him in the longe circle:

  • First longeing in walk, trot and canter, about 10 minutes
  • Then in hand, shoulder in and haunches in, about 2 minutes
  • And then riding in walk and trot, about 5 minutes

He did it at easy, and full of trust. He likes it very much when he is praised a lot when he offered the best of what he can do for that day. This is a great moment to stop training and put him out in the fields.

Wednesday August 26th

It rained a lot on Tuesday, so the longe circle was filled with water. Therefore we worked in the inside arena. Longeing and work in hand went really well so we tried riding for the first time off leash inn the inside arena, ”fasten your seatbelts'”!! But luckily, that was not necessary.

Thursday August 27th

PE felt even more stable today. He walks around so perky, without being unstable or insecure. It is a wonderful and special experience to ride him.

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