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Visit to Frederiksborger stud Elmelund

While we were in Denmark for training, Marc and I visited the stud farm ”Elmelund”:

Ebbe Olsen breeds horses of the Danish breed ‘Frederiksborger’. This stud farm  is on the island Aero, so it was quite a trip to get there:

Bent Branderup’s place is with the blue arrow:

So we first travelled to Svendborg (orange arrow):

And then a 75 minute boat trip to the island Aero:

There we were picked up by Ebbe, to go to the furthest spot on the island, to a place called Soby (green arrow):

We had lovely weather, so it felt like a holiday. First we went to the Danisch highlands to see the yearlings and to listen to the historical stories about the Vikings

After a whistle from the owner, the whole gang came running towards us to have a look, they are all very curious.


Their muscles are being trained already on these steep slopes:

Afterwards we went to the farm, nicely situated on the tip of the island with a sea view:

The reason we went to visit the stud farm, was : Prince Elmelund, a 2 year old stallion for sale:

At 6 pm we got on the boat back to Svendborg. And there our car was waiting for us. Only the last boat to Lolland that was supposed to go at 8 pm,…. that was cancelled…….so we had to drive 200 km more over the mainland. But, at 11 pm we were back at the blue arrow and we were satisfied with our “1 day holiday”. Especially the boat trips are very nice to do with this beautiful weather. You can stend on top op the deck and sit nicely in the sun. And they have the best hamburgers on board! Mc Donalds cannot compete with those!

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