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2007 Horse Event

September 2007

In september 2007 I did some demonstrations in Straightness Training with Romanesque.

The Straightness Training Clinic

The demonstration started with an explanation of the natural asymmetry of the horse. Every horse is left or right handed, is left or right bended and also in the use of his hindlegs there is an asymmetry.

To prevent problems, we have to straigthen the horse by doing Straightness Training.

It seems contradictory: Straightness Training in a roundpen. But Straightness Training consists of exercises like shoulder-in, haunches-in, renvers, half pass and pirouettes, that will straighten the horse.

Whether it is a dressage horse, a jumping hore, a western horse, an endurance horse, a coach horse, or a horse used for recreational riding, through Straightness Training you can get a symmetrical development of the body and legs, which is necessary for the horse to be able to carry the rider in a good way.

The clinic consists of the following subjects:

  • Straightness Training in hand
  • Longeing
  • Straightness Training when riding

Work in hand

In hand we teach the horse the following exercises:

  • Circle: to bend the body of the horse
  • Shoulder-in: to bend the inside hindleg
  • Haunches-in: to bend the outside hindleg

There was a ‘haunches-in button’ on the horse:


At the longe line, the horse has to learn to move independently, with lateral bending, forward-down, and stepping under with the inside hindleg under the centre of gravity.


In riding I showed that the shoulder-in and the haunches-in are the pilars of dressage. All other exercises are derived from these two.

Doing these exercises makes both hindlegs more bendable. A straightened horse is prepared for collection.

Check the  VIDEO’S  for moving images.

The grooms

Marije, Jacobien and Sonja were helping during the demonstration to change equipment.

The stand

Paarden Begrijpen had a stand at a very good location, with a lot of visitors passing.

Every day there was a lotery in the stand where participants could win coupons, free tickets and Straightness Training Starting Package. The starting package consists of a cavesson, reins, and an instruction DVD.

The ”crew”

A very big thanks to the Paarden Begrijpen ”crew” during Horse Event:

Marlous, Sara, Jacqueline and Sonja (who was helping out in the Emiel Voest Stand on Friday, and therefore she was dressed in yellow this day).
Jacobien, Marije, Margriet & Marlous

A very big thanks also to Frances Haas for letting me do this demonstration with her horse Romanesque, and for her trust.

And Lisette v/d Berg thank you for transporting Romanesque.


And Romanesque THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

And Emiel Voest, Annette, Karin, Astrid, Gaia, Sandra and Marion thanks for all the support and the sociability this weekend!

And Evelien and Mirella from Horse Event, thanks for your good care and the perfect arrangements.

Finally, a nice picture of my niece Saskia and Monty Roberts:

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