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Professor Romanesque in action

Last week ST Trainee Instructors Zaneta Georgiades from South Africa and Anouk Wienia and Rosan Veer from the Netherlands had some lessons with my horse Romanesque.

Zaneta about Romanesque: 

“With Romanesque I experienced the biggest STRETCH!!! He is such an incredible professor and so patient and willing.

I learnt a whole new level of finesse with the reins, the contact and the half halts. A whole new level of engaging and creating the tomato shape from the hindquarters. A whole new level of accuracy and inner picture in the lateral movements.

There were many times in the lesson where I needed to stop and breathe and allow the feel he had just given me to filter in.

romanesque-canter-pirouetteMarijke explained the way she holds the reins, like an overripe peach, if you squeeze too hard then you will crush it. She also showed the power of her core and inner picture as she was showing me the canter pirouette and at one point she just dropped the reins and her and Romanesque just kept going in perfect balance. It was jaw-droppingly beautiful.

I found the essence of the missing key to my Work in Hand pillar while doing the canter sequence. There was no time to brace, or hold, or be too slow or careful with my timing. There are no words to really describe that magical feeling when the horse shapes into self carriage but stays holding hands with you in a “peachy” contact while you dance around the arena!

zaneta-romanesque-2 zaneta-romanesque-1 zaneta-romanesque-3

Lastly, to experience the piaffe, levade and canter pirouette on Romanesque in Marijke’s hands was exquisite. Just focusing on the feel of the horse’s balance and the movement of his back muscles and staying in connected harmony with his point of mass… It is a feeling I will NEVER forget. It was bliss 🙂 !

zaneta-romanesque-piaffe zaneta-romanesque-levade2

Thank you to Marijke for the brilliant lessons, I am sure all my boys are going to be thanking you too for helping me grow and become a better dance partner for them!”

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