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The start with Toronto

Toronto is one of Marijke de Jong’s horses.

Toronto is a gelding, born July 28 in the year 2000.

He is a Royal Dutch Warmblood (Jazz x Wolfgang).

Toronto is a former dressage horse and was formerly trained for competition, until juli 2010.

July 2010

In July 2010 I started straightness training with him because he was very left bended in his body and difficult to bend to the right. After a few training sessions he was able to relax in the bend to the right and to lower his head in a forward-downward position.

In the Straightness Training Home Study course you can see different videos about his start and further development.

………………..Marijke de Jong

August 2010

In august 2010 I started riding and he did very well:

September 2010

In september 2010 I bought Toronto because I like him very much!


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