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Ask Me Any Questions – Free Q&A Session This Sunday!

Today, we’ve been doing some live streaming on Facebook – to test some features – and thanks to Marc it worked out pretty good…

Therefore, we’ll be back tomorrow!

So if you’ve been thinking about starting Straightness Training, or about joining the ST Mastery 2017 Class…

But have QUESTIONS….

I’m going to do 2 (!) Q&A webinars tomorrow – on Facebook!

That’s on Sunday, November 19th – and they will be held:

1️⃣ In the MORNING 🕙 10 AM – GMT, Lisbon time (WET)

2️⃣ In the EVENING 🕙 10 PM – GMT, Lisbon time (WET)

If you’re in an other timezone, go check out this link to convert your time:

► www.worldtimebuddy.com

You can also register here >>

During both webinars I’ll be answering questions such as:

❓ How to turn your challenging horse into a cooperative partner?

❓ How to deal with a spooky or stubborn horse?

❓ How to end tension and stress in your horse?

❓ How to give your horse the best possible physique to carry you?

❓ How to optimize your skills to actualize your horse’s potential?

❓ How to overcome any self-doubt when training your horse?

❓ How to feel more confident when you need it?

❓ And whatever you want to ask me about Straightness Training.

I’m truly committed to supporting you to get you and your horse to the partnership of your dreams…

So if you have any questions…

Choose the webinar time that suits you best!

And I’ll be answering your questions live tomorrow – on this Facebook page:


🎁 And if you share this webinar on Facebook and tag a friend on Facebook, you’ll make a chance to 🎉  win a free ticket to the Mastery 2017 Class 🎊 that begins next Wednesday on November the 22nd.

Have a nice weekend and talk to you soon!

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