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Clarity Creates Confidence | Masterclass Starts Soon

We’re a little less than two weeks out from the first session of my LIVE Masterclass about Straightness Training.

I’m going to deliver 8+ hours of FREE training to give you the clarity and confidence on where to start and what to do next when it comes to Straightness Training.

This is a quick little overview of how we’ll be organizing the Masterclass Experience:


And here’s the Masterclass Schedule:

  • Live lesson 1 ~ October 24th
  • Live lesson 2 ~ October 28th
  • Live lesson 3 ~ October 31st
  • Live lesson 4/Registration opens for annual ST Academy Class – November 4th
  • Registration for the ST Academy Class closes November 7th

Transcript Of The Video

In last week’s video, I was talking about the three phases new things go through:

Now online teaching was a sort of ridiculous ten years ago, but now it’s self-evident and

New courses on how to train horses pop up almost every week.

Now I love online teaching.

But as with every online program, whenever you start out a new method, you need two things.

One is clarity, and the other is confidence.

Once we have clarity on what’s required, we gain the confidence necessary to excel and be brilliant at anything we do.

Clarity Creates Confidence!

And when you join the upcoming Masterclass, that’s what you get.

You get clarity and confidence right from the beginning.

You see, fuzzy thinking which is often characterized by self-doubt, that is not going to help us reach our own potential, but also not our horse’s full potential when it comes to his body, mind, heart, and soul.

And I know, when training our horse, things can get confusing.

For example, riding your horse doesn’t feel right, but you don’t know how to fix it.

Or you’ve been practicing a certain routine or a concept or a technique, but you’re not sure about what to do next.

I believe we all feel more confident when we know exactly where to start, what to do next, and when we have the tools and concepts to get there.

From this simple belief, I help students around the world to eliminate the fuzzy thinking.

Instead, I help them build foundational strength that they use in training their horse more effectively.

We change moments of stuck-ness into opportunities to gain a clear focus and to

Be More Effective!

And when you are more effective with what you do, your horse will understand what you want and he will be motivated to do it,

Then you feel confident, and training your horse feels exciting.

You see a lot of issues and problems with horses come from two things:

It’s either misunderstanding or lack of motivation – or both.

And here’s the thing,

On the one hand, if your horse understands what you want but feels not motivated to do it, then you won’t get the job done.

On the other hand, if your horse is motivated to work for you but doesn’t understand what you mean, you can also not make it happen.

So you need both.

Understanding & Motivation!

And to get both you need clarity.

Straightness Training gives you clarity which gives you confidence that your horse will understand what you want and is motivated to do it, and this creates long-lasting change.

And those are some of the reasons I absolutely love Straightness Training.

Now the best online program in the world to learn about Straightness Training, in my not-so-humble opinion, is the ST Academy with the Mastery Program, the Evaluation Program, and also the Instructor Program:

But I want to make the Masterclass that I do before that, which is 100% live and 100% free, I want to make that training the second-best online training about Straightness Training in the world.

That’s why I’m talking about this.

You see:

We’re Just a Couple of Weeks Out!

In fact, we’re 11 days out before the start of the LIVE and FREE Straightness Training Masterclass.

It actually starts… here’s the date… October 24th is the start of the Masterclass.

We’re going to do a full live session.

In fact, the entire Masterclass is going to be live.

So I just want to tell you a little bit how this is going to work.


There’s a Link Down Below 

You can put in your email address – just put in your best email address, and we’re going to be sending you some really cool updates right away.

And then you’ll get notified about these live sessions.


On October 24h, it’s the First Session:

It’s going to go between one and two hours.

And It’s going to start at 8 pm West European Summer Time.

It’s going to be 100% live – and it’s going to be super cool.

I’m going to teach about Straightness Training to give you the clarity and the confidence about where to start and what to do next.

Then we’re going to have some case studies so you can hear about how it’s working in the real world, in different types of countries, with different types of horses, with different types of circumstances from real regular riders.

So we’ll do some case studies and then we’ll have a Q&A session. So you’re going to be able to type in the questions and we’re answering those during the live broadcast – either somebody of my team of ST Instructors, or Rosan from our customer happiness service, or Marc my partner in life and business, or I’ll address the question myself in the live broadcast.

So that’s just going to be the first broadcast and it’s going to be super cool.

Then we’re going to take a few days off and then:

The Second Session is going to be on October the 28th 

Again, 8:00 p.m. WET, but it’s West European Time this time, so no summertime.

And in between those two broadcasts, I’m going to have some additional updates, some extra videos, and you can watch the replay.

That’s going to be on our Masterclass reception page, and you always want to be checking back on our reception page. The reception page is the place to be during the whole Masterclass Experience:


On October 31st, that is going to be our Third Live Training

And again, it’s going to be a full-out training. It’s going to be me teaching. It’s going to be case studies. It’s going to be Q&A. It’s going to be super cool.

Then we’re going to take a few days off – but to stay connected we have this Masterclass Reception page.

And we have another cool thing, that is the Facebook Group, the exclusive Masterclass Facebook group, and in this group we can connect with all the Masterclassers who are joining the live sessions, and we can stay connected before and after each session.

So we’re going to have this exclusive Masterclass Facebook Group for you where you can get your questions answered in between the live sessions .

And we’re going to be releasing videos on our reception page, and extra downloads, and other resources in between the live lessons.

And I know it sounds like a lot, but, as you know, well, I want to make this the second best online program about Straightness Trainingh in the world.

And of course, the whole thing, I’m building up to actually open the registration for my ST Academy and the 2019 class that is about to start, but first I’m trying to deliver massive value for you during the Straightness Training Masterclass Experience.


November 4th, which is the Fourth Lesson

… with case studies and Q&A, and I’m also going to be opening registration for the ST Academy, so it’s going to be awesome.

So that’s a little overview.

That’s a map of the Masterclass territory.

I really looking forward to it.

So again:

Save The Dates

With the post that comes along with this video I will list all the dates so you have a quick overview:

Save the dates – it’s going to be awesome, it’s going to be super cool – and join the notification list so we can send you an email and get you all set up to come to this.

Click that link, head on over, you’re on your way, go and do it!

7 thoughts on “Clarity Creates Confidence | Masterclass Starts Soon

Comment author said

By Gemma van Dijk on 14 October 2019 at 22:51

Hi, I like to join. But please tell me, who is the first-best online training about Straightness Training in the world? 😉


Comment author said

By Marijke de Jong on 15 October 2019 at 17:09

That’s great that you want to join Gemma, and just listen to the video to hear the answer to your question 😉


Comment author said

By Dina Zaphiris on 18 October 2019 at 18:45

I’m really looking forward to this! I can’t wait!


Comment author said

By Pernille Lynge on 18 October 2019 at 22:21

Sunds terrific!


Comment author said

By Ian stringer on 21 October 2019 at 04:32

Can’t wait.


Comment author said

By Jo on 21 October 2019 at 13:26

Sounds awesome.


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