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Coming Up In August

Here’s some great news for August Scholars:

ST Instructor Zaneta Georgiades will start going through a full Liberty Grade 1 cycle with her lovely horse Moon in August.

This is a great opportunity to learn from Zaneta who has already done the work with her other horse Delightful all the way up to Grade 4 and knows how to get the most out online coaching with me.

So make sure to join the group classes LIVE in August:

  • See how a Grade 4 ST Instructor utilizes the resources inside Scholars, like the Hot Seat, Breakthrough, Mastermind and Touchstone.
  • Learn why self-mastery and videoing yourself are so critical to your success!
  • Understand how you can optimize your month to get the most results possible!

Seeing Zaneta and other Scholars going through the full cycle in August – from Hot Seat to Breakthrough to Mastermind to Touchstone – will give you a monthly boost of inspiration, motivation, learning and growing!

Come see for yourself how Scholars are experiencing amazing results by taking advantage of the group classes we offer in August!

Let’s go!  

Are You Coming?

Get the tools you need now to see real change!

Scholars starts August 1st – Are you coming?

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