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How to do Straightness Training with your horse

Just one more day until the Straightness Training Masterclass starts!

What I’m sharing is normally reserved exclusively for my private members… but for a FEW days only, I’m sharing it all live with you for FREE.

I’ll show you the proven strategy for how to turn your challenging horse into a balanced horse.

You’ll learn more about horse behavior.

And discover how to deepen the relationship with your horse even more.

And above all, you’ll learn how to train and school your horse.

This is what we’re going to discover during the masterclass:

  • The value of standstill exercises.
  • The power of the lateral bending in the body.
  • Why the forward down tendency of the head and neck is a necessary evil.
  • How the stepping under of the inside hind leg will help us out.
  • How to teach your horse the exercise the haunches-in.
  • How to transition to the half pass.
  • And generate the pirouette.
  • And create the renvers.
  • Plus, you’ll discover how to combine them all.

Sounds good?

Then save your seat for the FREE Masterclass »

Straightness Training has helped horses in all shapes and sizes transform from a ‘difficult’ horse into a dream horse.

And you, too, can make a positive difference for your horse by using Straightness Training.

You just need to know what exercises you should do, in what order, how to teach them, where to start, and what to do next.

And that’s just what we’ll cover in this Masterclass!

So if you want to learn more about how Straightness Training can benefit your horse:

 Then mark down these dates:

  • June 23, 7 pm Lisbon Time – Class 1: The Secret of the Circle
  • June 24, 7 pm Lisbon Time – Class 2: The Crucial Cornerstones
  • June 25, 7 pm Lisbon Time – Class 3: The Strength of the Sequence
  • June 26, 7 pm Lisbon Time – Class 4: The Success Pathway

And tell everyone you know!

Registration is free and open to anyone with an interest in improving their horse’s balance:

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