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How To Overcome Issues With Your Horse

Isn’t it a bit remarkable?

We’ve learned how to ride in walk, trot, and canter, but somehow we haven’t been taught about the natural asymmetry of the horse?

For those who did that’s great, but for some reason the dimensions of the natural asymmetry and areas of straightness training wasn’t and still isn’t always on the agenda when having lessons or training horses.

And that might lead to all kinds of issues, such as:

  • a hard mouth
  • leaning on one rein
  • grinding the teeth
  • protesting
  • bucking
  • rearing
  • laziness
  • nervousness
  • bridle lameness
  • irregular gaits
  • balance issues
  • navicular disease
  • kissing spines

Of course it’s not too late to change this and to turn things around, but it might be that at the moment you’re too busy to study full time to catch up on the topics of natural asymmetry and straightness training.

But if you’re like me, you’re all about optimizing your training skills and actualizing your horse’s potential!

So, imagine this:

Imagine someone having read the books of the old grandmasters, pulling out the most important concepts and exercises that can truly change your horse’s life.

Then imagine that person, me, helping to apply the concepts and exercises in your own training sessions TODAY!

And when you join the upcoming Straightness Training Masterclass, THAT’S what you get:

You get actionable information you can use right away, to help you turn your challenging horse into a balanced horse.

So if you want to learn more about how Straightness Training can benefit your horse – and how to create long-lasting change – join me in the annual FREE Masterclass by clicking this link:

Then mark down these dates:

  • June 23, 7 pm WEST – Class 1: The Secret of the Circle 
  • June 24, 7 pm WEST – Class 2: The Crucial Cornerstones
  • June 25, 7 pm WEST – Class 3: The Strength of the Sequence 
  • June 26, 7 pm WEST – Class 4: The Success Pathway

Mark it down and tell everyone you know.

And make sure to save your seat:

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