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I Made A Fool Of Myself…

Exactly 10 years ago, I started teaching Straightness Training online.

And I made a fool of myself – here’s what happened:

Transcript Of The Video

So coming up, in about 3 weeks, we’ll do the Straightness Training Masterclass.

It’s going to be 100% live and 100% free.

In December 2009, that’s when I first started teaching Straightness Training online.

At that time, it was absolutely not a self-evident thing to do in the equestrian world.

As the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer already said in the 19th century:

So when I started teaching online, people said:

“It’s Rediculous What You Do…

… you can’t teach horse training and horse riding online.”

You see, back then my company was called “Paarden Begrijpen” which means “understanding horses – and they made fun of me that I had switched to understanding the internet.

But, hey, I was on the mission to end unnecessary suffering for the horse in the world by making people aware of a common cause of many riding problems and behavioral issues – the horse’s natural asymmetry.

And I also wanted to share the solution – which was Straightness Training, so:

Rediculous Or Not, I Believed In My Mission

And I believed in Straightness Training, and I believed that the internet was the way to go to reach and help as many people as possible – to make a positive difference for their horses.

So that’s why I didn’t listen to those people who thought that what I was doing was stupid or silly or ridiculous – instead,

I Even Took It a Step Further 

So, a year later, in December 2010, we launched our international – and English spoken – Home Study Course about Straightness Training.
And, again, in the Dutch culture, you should not dare to stick out your neck – above the ground is your head off.

So again, students told me that I was making a fool of myself by speaking English and they told me that I had this horrible accent.

So I agree, I speak “Dunglish” and that’s a combination of “Dutch + English”, but already there, the people abroad thought it was a mixture of “Dung + English”, and they were right in a way, because dung is messy stuff and I messed up a whole lot of words.

But whatever semantics you want to give to the “Dunglish” it just makes clear that my English is absolutely not perfect.

But it didn’t stop me from trying to reach out to people who needed ST – wherever they were in the world – to help them make a positive difference for their horses.

So I just thought by myself:

Don’t Invalid The Message Because Of The Messenger

You see, I believed in my message, and I believed in my mission, and I believed in Straightness Training, and I knew that I was not a native English speaking person but I also knew that what I had to say was going to help them.

But yeah, I agreed that my English had to improve because it was really, really poor 10 years ago, so

So I consulted my friend Google, and I asked Google “How to learn English in one week”.

So I remember doing this intensive 7 days course at the university in Nijmegen in the Netherlands – a week before the very first international webinar that I was about to give.

I expected miracles from that week… but as with everything we want to master – it was not a quick fix.

But the good thing was:

It Gave Me A KickStart

It gave me the courage to take the first step.

And it gave me the confidence to take the next steps.

It really gave me clarity where to start and what to do next.

Then I was heading towards the opening of that very first international webinar, and I was like:

Okay, I’m going to meet a bunch of international –native English speaking – people and I hope that they like what I say and I hope they understand what I say, and I really hope that they don’t think after the webinar like “This was a total waste of time”.

You see, I believed in ST.

And I believed that it was going to help.

And I believed that it was going to do good.

But you just never know.

So I was busy preparing for the webinar, and a week before someone emailed me this incredible story that the Home Study Course had made such a difference for her and her horse and that there was this huge transformation in her horse thanks to the course.

Then another email came up, and he told me that he saved his horse’s life thanks to Straightness Training.

I Got STory After STory 

Which was great feedback, because nowadays we have social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, but back then there was no social media – so email was the thing if you would not meet people in real life.

So I put all this effort into the new online service and I was wondering like “Will the people like it? Will they understand me?” – but instead, they loved it because it made such a huge difference for their horse.

Then it was the evening that I was going to do that very first international webinar where I had to speak English in front of a bunch of native speakers.

Now the opening and the theory I could prepare, but the questions that would come along the broadcast I could not – so that was a real challenge.

Because there I had do some trial and error, I had to try, I had to just do it.

But there the power of the Straightness Training community kicked in because the native speakers, they could really help me out on the webinar chat if I was searching for specific words. They just gave me hints like “do you mean this or do you mean that?”

So it was a win-win, I taught them ST, and they taught me how to speak English.

And that’s the amazing effect of the Straightness Training community:

Together Is Better

Now we have a lot of native speakers on board of the ST Rocketship 🚀 people from the US, the UK, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa.

And we always enjoy the Swenglish, and the Danglish, and the Finglish, and the Franglais way of writing and speaking of our Swedish, Danish, Finnish, French and other European students!

Because the only thing that matters is, that we can understand each other – and we do!!

We Are Not Limited By Perfection – We Strive For Progression

Therefore, if you speak a little Hunglish, Ponglish or Norlish…. you’ll fit super in our dynamic, creative, brave and awesome club of Straightness Training STudents!

So like I told you last week, I’m heading into the live Masterclass – It’s coming up on October the 24th.

So right now I’m in the mode of gathering materials and Case STudies.

In fact, you might’ve noticed I sent out an email a couple of days ago, and it was a

Call For Case STudies


Now a Case Study is a little YouTube video where people share their Story, their Straightness Training journey – and I love to share those success STories, because they are very inspirational.

And it’s one of my favorite things to do — just sharing the success that my students have. It’s really cool, because they all have such radically different horses, and live in radically different countries, under radically different circumstances, with radically different backgrounds. And I love to share it because you get to hear about the amazing work they’ve done with ST and the amazing impact they’ve made on their horse.

So if you’ve got a success STory, whether it’s from watching my free stuff or going through my Mastery coaching program or from reading my free ebook, I would love to hear from you.

I’ve put a link in the post that comes along with this video, just click on it and submit your Case STudy (please do before October 20th):

And then finally, I want you to

Save The Dates For The Masterclass Experience

Because I’m going to teach four sessions:

  • Masterclass Session #1

Now our first live broadcast is on October 24th

I’m going to teach probably nearly two hours of live training on how to get rid of riding problems and behavioral issues.

It’ll be at 8:00 PM Lisbon time — that’s 8:00 PM West European summertime – and that’s the same time in London, and it’s 9:00 PM in, for example, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, and it will be 10:00 PM in Helsinki, Johannesburg, it will be noon in Los Angeles, and about 3:00 PM in New York, and 4:00 PM in Rio de Janeiro, and it will be very early in the morning in Australia, Perth 3:00 AM, and Sydney 6:00 AM and then Auckland, New Zealand, 8:00 AM.

(Make sure to check www.worldtimebuddy.com for the exact time difference!)

  • Masterclass Session #2

And the second one is on October 28th.

It’s going to be about rebalancing your horse, in body, mind, heart, and soul. And it’s about transforming the relationship with your horse. So definitely put that one down.

It’s going to be at 8:00 PM West European time – no summertime this time, so watch out for that little time difference.

  • Masterclass Session #3

And in the third session, I’ll be talking about a sort of map, the map of the ST territory, so you know exactly where to start and what to do next. That one’s going to be awesome, so put October 31st in your calendar.

  • Masterclass Session #4

And then November 4th I will teach you about the number #1 thing that instantly will make you a better horse trainer – so don’t miss out on that session.


The Doors To The ST Academy Will Open

But before we do I’ll teach about the #1 thing that will make a positive change in your horsemanship no matter if you’re going to join the ST Academy or not.

So the whole Masterclass experience is going to be awesome:

  • And those live broadcasts are just going to be part of it.
  • Plus, we’re going to have downloads all the way through.
  • And I’m going to be doing videos in between.
  • And I’m going to have my ST Instructors in answering questions.

And especially if you’re the only one doing Straightness Training at your yard or in your hometown or in your country, don’t listen to the critics, just listen to your horse, and listen to your heart and make sure to join the Masterclass Experience.

It’s the place to be to get a kick-STart, and to gain the courage, the confidence and the clarity to get STarted.

So what I’m saying is save the dates – put those dates down in your calendar because It’s going to be awesome.

That’s it for now, let’s do it, save those dates, and speak soon! 

10 thoughts on “I Made A Fool Of Myself…

Comment author said

By Bambi Brusco on 7 October 2019 at 07:40

How do we watch or sign up for the classes on Oct 24th, 28th, 31st, and Nov 4th?


Comment author said

By Lorraine Wood on 7 October 2019 at 10:09

Will these Masterclass sessions be available to watch at a later date if we can’t make the live showing?


Comment author said

By Marijke de Jong on 7 October 2019 at 16:55

Hi Lorraine, thanks for your interest in the Masterclass, we’re thinking about it and I’ll be talking about this in the upcoming video, so stay tuned!


Comment author said

By Vicky on 7 October 2019 at 14:06

Congratulations on 10 years of Straightness Training online! You have helped so many people and horses; thank you for your perseverance and willingness to share your story and method.


Comment author said

By Marijke de Jong on 7 October 2019 at 16:56

Thanks so much for your kind words Vicky!


Comment author said

By Anna van Rheeden on 8 October 2019 at 00:13

Congratulations wirh your 10 year anniversary, Marijke! Thank you for being so brave, clever, and stubborn! You are an inspiration and helping so many horses and their people in an absolutely awesome manner! Keep going.
The master mind classes unfortunately are always at an impossible time for me. Would love to watch them later. For now I wish you joy, good health, and happiness!! Xxx Anna


Comment author said

By Linda Christine Ketteridge on 8 October 2019 at 13:45

Thank you for being so brave and courageous Marijke. You are no fool! You have opened up a whole new way of being with horses for us. Especially in Australia where we have been isolated and somewhat blinkered to understanding that we can have such wonderful relationships with a horse based on fairness and respect. You continually improve on the program and you are as much my life coach as you are my inspiration for making the lives of horses better. You go girl! Ps. I like your accent!


Comment author said

By Bronwyn on 9 October 2019 at 17:51

Marijke, 7.5 years ago ST helped me make irrevocable changes my life and the lives of my horses! Thank you for developing an amazing and inspirational program!


Comment author said

By Qdot International on 24 October 2019 at 15:41

nice work, keep up the good work.
really appreciate your work.


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