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Join the Instructor Confidence Bootcamp

Becoming a Straightness Training Instructor is possible for you – no matter your level of experience or age. You’re invited to join the Instructor Confidence Bootcamp to discover how to turn your hobby into a dream career, so you can do what you love, do what you’re good at, do what the horse world needs, and what you can get valued for.

Here are all the invite details 🗓️👇

✨ When: September 24 – September 30 ✨

✨ September 24 at 4 pm Lisbon Time ✨ Training #1: Developing the right skills, so you can train any horse effectively.

✨ September 25 at 4 pm Lisbon Time ✨ Training #2: Teaching made easy, so that you never run out of ideas on what to teach in your lessons.

✨ September 26 at 4 pm Lisbon Time ✨ Training #3: Your Success Path, so that you leave this training with a proven game plan and confident “can-do” instructor’s mindset to make it happen.

✨ September 27 – 30 ✨ Enjoy the replays and work at your own pace.

Mark it down on your calendar, and tell everybody you know!

And save your spot:

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