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Part 2: Let’s Focus on 2028!

Yesterday, we went back to 2008.

So today:

Let’s focus on 2028…

10 years from now you will arrive…

And the question is:

  • 🌴 Where?
  • 🏡 How will you live with your family and horses?
  • 💎 What gifts and talents have you shared with the world?
  • 🏇 What rider will you have become?
  • 💛 What will you contribute?
  • 😇 What will you be, do, or have what you always wished for?

Hmmm….. something to think about… 🤔

Dreams, Goals, Plans for the next decade

Below, I’ll share my dreams, goals, and plans for the next 10 years with you:

▶︎ Life in Portugal

I will turn 50 next year, so the next decade will cover my 50-60 years of age. In this period, Marc and I will be living in Portugal, so one of our goals is that we will learn to read and speak Portuguese. And to enjoy the wonderful Portuguese country, environment, and life!

▶︎ Fulfilling my life’s work

Now when you look at life from a spiritual point of view, they say that our lives move in 7-year cycles:

– After completing the first 3×7 years, we are 21 years old, reaching the age one is considered to be an adult.

– With the second three 7-year cycles – between 21 and 42 – we work on finding and realizing our life purpose: we learn, we grow, we develop, get kids, careers, acquire skills, knowledge, experiences, ups and downs, and life lessons.

– Then, the third 21 years – between 42 and 63 – is the period of mastery, where you fulfill your life’s work and your life’s wish. So for me, after completing my first 7-year cycle in this mastery period – from 42 until 49 – will end, and I will enter the second stage in 2018.

Which means, that I will keep working on fulfilling my life’s work, which is the encyclopedia of Straightness Training, and I will keep working on my life’s wish, that is to end unnecessary stress and suffering caused by imbalance, and to help riders to make a positive difference and create lasting change for themselves and their horses.

▶︎ Creating life changing products

So for the next decade, we will constantly improve and develop the online ST Academy and its programs (Mastery, Evaluation and the Instructor Program), so we can offer both our existing as brand new students a complete solution and life-changing products. This way, we can serve the world-wide ST Community the best we can, and help STudents increasing the quality of their lives and those of their horses.

▶︎ Educating new horses

To widen, broaden and deepen the already existing educational materials, we’re planning to start training new horses over the coming years. We will record their ST journey, so that we can make a series of brand new videos in all areas and pillars of ST. This way, riders from all over the world can learn from their educational process and progress.

▶︎ Creating an empowered team

We will also focus on developing the talents of our empowered team of ST Instructors, ST Evaluators and Crew ST. And we strive to extend our team with extra ‘power houses’ who can be a force for good, and make a positive impact in their own countries, and help as many ST enthusiasts as possible.

▶︎ Contribution

And – just as we did in the last 10 years – we will keep contributing to the quality of lives, and welfare of working horses, donkeys, and mules, especially in some of the poorest places of the world. We do so by supporting organizations in their mission to ease their suffering, such as Brookes Hospital and Four Paws. For the next decades, we strive to support on a much larger scale.

▶︎ Work Hard, Play Hard

Finally, we also need to work on our ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ balance, because in the last decade, we were mainly in ‘Work-Hard Mode’, and mostly in the highest gear. And although this brings a lot results in the short-term, it’s not healthy in the long-run. So for the next decade, we don’t shift gear, we’re not going to work harder, we’re going to work smarter 😉, and we’re going to ‘play hard’ as well! so Marc will refuel his surfing passion 🏄 because it has been too much on hold for the last decade. Plus, we’ll spend more time with our families and friends, and adopt some other 4-legged animals, make long walks on the beach, and enjoy our new life here in Portugal!

Now, let’s get back to you:

Perhaps now is the time to design the next 10 years of your life!

So before 2018 starts, ask yourself:

How am I going to live the next 10 years of my life?

What can I do:

  • to discover my life purpose?
  • to work on my life purpose?
  • to expand my knowledge?
  • to improve my skills?
  • to gain experience?
  • to fulfill my life’s work?
  • to leave a legacy?
  • to make a difference?
  • to be able to help others?
  • to enjoy life even more?

What actions can I take today, tomorrow, and the days after to get where I want to be in 10 years?

Hmmm….. something to think about… 🤔

And feel free to share your vision, plans, and actions in the comments below!

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