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Part 1: Let’s Go Back To 2008!

Around the turn of the year, it’s always good to look back 👀 …

And this is an interesting quote:

“Most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year – and underestimate what they can achieve in a decade!” – Tony Robbins

So do you remember 2008?

That‘s 10 years ago…

And yes I know, it sounds like 3 years ago, but that’s another story… 😉

So let’s go back to 2008:

● Where did you live?
● What did you do?
Did you have horses?
● What was your knowledge about horses?
● How capable were you as a rider?
● What were your hopes and dreams?

Hmmm… something to think about 🤔…

10 years ago…

Now when I look at myself:

🔟 In 2008, Marc and I lived in the Netherlands, and rented a place to educate Dutch Instructors in ‘rechtrichten’ – that’s the Dutch name for Straightness Training. At that time, I was only teaching ‘hands-on’, I was not on Facebook, and I had no online educational programs in English.

In that year, 2-years-old Prince Elmelund came from Denmark to the Netherlands.

And in 2018, my hopes and dreams were about sharing my knowledge, strategies, tactics and concepts with as many riders as possible, to end unnecessary suffering caused by the natural asymmetry of the horse and lack of understanding about it.

9️⃣ In 2009, I started a Facebook profile, and I started a Dutch online membership to teach about ‘rechtrichten’ – I wanted to inspire as many people in the Netherlands, so they could learn ways on how to make a positive change for their horses.

Also, El Blanco came into my life, who ‘forced’ me to not only focus on the ‘physical’ part of Straightness Training, but also on the mental, emotional, and spiritual areas.

8️⃣ In 2010, we started the English Home Study Course, because I strongly believed that not only people in the Netherlands would benefit from ST. The course consisted of a series of online live webinars where I answered questions about Straightness Training.

Also, Toronto came into my life, who helped me widening, deepening, and broadening my knowledge, skills, and experiences in the mental, emotional and spiritual areas of Straightness Training even more.

7️⃣ In 2011, I started to create the Dutch encyclopedia of Straightness Training, because there was a strong demand for ‘how to’ information. So I started to video and documented everything I knew about ST in a structured way, so it would help Dutch and Belgian people in an in-depth way to overcome their challenges and struggles caused by their horse’s imbalance.

6️⃣ In 2012, I created this Facebook Page, because my profile hit the 5000, which was great, because more and more people started to reap the benefits of ST.

I also started doing clinics in the UK, and other places in the world, to give people abroad the opportunity for hands-on guidance, and to meet other ST students in real life.

In December, we went to Portugal with Christmas, to escape the gloomy, windy, rainy days in the Netherlands – and there, our next dream took shape on the horizon…

5️⃣ In 2013, on popular demand, I started translating my ST encyclopedia into English, so in December, we were ready to present the international ST Mastery Program for the very first time. That was really a special moment, because it gave us the opportunity to reach thousands of riders from all over the world, and to help them make a lasting change with their horses.

I also gave a lot of clinics in the UK, the USA, Brazil, to help STudents to take the next STep.

Plus, I studied and practiced a lot of goal-oriented ST by doing Garocha training, Working Equitation, and cow cutting, where you use ST as a mean, to reach a certain goal.

4️⃣ In 2014, we did a grand ST Life Event in Amsterdam with enthusiastic Mastery Students from all over the world.

And it was the year that the 💙 ST Academy was founded – including 💜 the ST Mastery Program, 💛 the ST Evaluation Program and ❤️ the ST Instructor Program – with the aim to form a world wide group of horse trainers who can take care of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of their horse, a group of trainers who are able to create an amazing relationship with their horse, and who can lead a magnificent life together with their horses!

3️⃣ In 2015, we started the first group of ST Trainee Instructors who had been personally successful in the Mastery and Evaluation Program in 2014, and who had the passion to help others travel that same path. It was great to have 15 ST Instructors certified and licenced at the end of that year, so they could start contributing to the welfare of horses, enable breakthroughs in the lives of riders, and increase the quality of their lives in 2016 and beyond.

And since the amount of students and interest in ST quickly had increased this year, we also had to professionalize our helpdesk, therefore Crew ST was born, at which Rosan joined in 2015 and Hugo in 2016.

2️⃣ In 2016, more and more Mastery students started to do online video lessons in our video evaluation system, by submitting a video of their work with their horse, and the number increased significantly. So we took it a step further with the grade 3 ST Instructors, because we needed more ST Evaluators to cover the increased demand with quality.

Also, in September/October, we did a big ST Tour Around The Atlantic Ocean where we met dedicated Mastery students in South Africa, Brazil, and the US.

Plus, we created the free ST Mini Mastery II series to help riders to take the first step on their personal path to Mastery. We also went to Portugal a few times, to search for a farm…

1️⃣ In 2017, the Encyclopedia of ST has been updated and upgraded according to the latest systems and quality. And it has also been reorganized, because I had been adding so many materials between 2014 and 2017, therefore, it needed a restructuring to serve all Mastery students even better.

Because of the success of the video evaluation system, Zaneta became our Supervisor and Manager Operations of the ST Evaluation Program this year.

And the webshop has been extended with a complete collection of ST products, to help our students to get the best results with ST.

Plus, I also have been giving two intensive 5-day ST Instructor Clinics – in the UK, and one in NL – to help the ST Instructors widen, broaden and deepen their training and didactic skills. And a dream came true this year: we moved to Portugal with all 5 horses!

So I agree, a lot can happen in a decade! 😉🏛

And along the way, we enjoyed the process, we feel very fulfilled and happy to see so many smiles on the faces of our STudents, and Marc and I are very much looking forward to the next decade, but I’ll talk about that tomorrow! 😊

But first:

What about you?

If someone had asked you in 2008:

➡️ ”Where will you be in 10 years?” ⬅️

👩🏻‍🎤 What would you have told them?

💃 Are you today where you wanted to be back then?

🤓 What did you learn in 10 years?

😊 What did you enjoy?

👊🏻 What did you achieve?

💎 What did you give to the world?

🌹 Who did you become?

Feel grateful for all you have received and gathered in your life the past 10 years: all the knowledge, skills, experiences, wisdom, life lessons, good feelings, and happy moments!

And take pride in how far you have come, and about the value you created, the quality of lives you already enhanced, and in who you became!

Plus, have faith in how far you can go the next decade! 🚀 👊🏻

More about that tomorrow… 😉

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