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Masterclass 2021 | 25-26-27 June

The Groundwork Masterclass starts next Friday, 25 June at 7pm Lisbon (WEST) time. This is the beST free class on how to teach your horse all gymnastic execises from the ground – from the circle, to the shoulder-in and haunches-in, and all the other lateral movements.

To join the Groundwork Masterclass and get full access, go to:


Signing up for our free Masterclass on June 25-26-27, you’re going to learn some awesome stuff about groundwork and Straightness Training over the course of three live classes!

I think you’re going to love it 💕, because simply by sitting at your computer and watching these sessions, you’re going to become a better horse trainer!

I know that’s a Big Promise, but if you implement the right strategies, the strategies of the Old Grandmasters, you’re just going to become a much better horse trainer, because strategy only takes understanding.

So I think you’re really going to enjoy and benefit from the ST Masterclass.

The theme this year is groundwork, and we’re going to be talking about:

  • Live Class 1: The secret of the circles
  • Live Class 2: The crucial cornerstones shoulder-in and haunches-in
  • Live Class 3: The strength of the sequence with all the lateral movements

Plus, we’ve got a lot of extra videos, downloads, and other resources for you on the Reception Page of the Masterclass.

So save the dates: On June 25-26-27, we are running the annual Straightness Training Masterclass and releasing 8+ hours of training for you, LIVE, and at no cost!

This Masterclass experience is only up for a limited period of time, so register now, and enjoy it FREE in the final weekend of June – for more info & registration click HERE

And hope to see you live in the three classes in the final weekend of June!

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