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New: The ST Mexico FB Group

Today, we created the Facebook group for ST enthusiasts in Mexico! ‍‍ ‍‍

The amount of STudents in Mexico is growing, and the group is meant for Mexican horse trainers who like talking about training horses and Straightness Training! ‍‍

In the Mexico Group, you will be able to share your STories, experiences, successes, and challenges as you go along, and experience the benefit of a mastermind group effect! ‍‍

Because a lot of ST practitioners in Mexico are “the only one”doing Straightness Training in the riding arena… ‍‍

Or at the yard… ‍‍

Or in their home-town… ‍‍

Or even in their state! ‍‍

And that’s the wonderful thing about the ST Community: ‍‍

You’ll reach like-minded Students and ST experts all over Mexico! ‍‍ Now everybody who is familiar with the ST Community, will acknowledge that the atmosphere is always very positive and constructive! ‍‍

So if you live in Mexico or have friends in Mexico: ‍‍

We’d love 💕 to have you join us!

‍‍ Just click this link and do a request to join: ‍‍

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