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Visit the New Webshop | KapsonEquestrian.com

We are happy to announce that, as of today, all Straightness Training tack and equipment, can be obtained through www.kapsonequestrian.com.

Why the Close Out of the ST Webshop?

The growth of Straightness Training around the world in the last few years has resulted in a bigger and more varied demand for equestrian products by ST Students.

We received enthusiastic inquiries about a whole range of products, from cavesson in multiple variations, to reins and whips in all colors and sizes, and bareback pads in alternative styles, but also about saddles, bits, cordeos, hackamores, neck rings and so on.

While contemplating on how to serve our ST Students in the best possible way, it became clear to us, that the core competence of the Straightness Training Academy is teaching ST Students to become better riders and horse trainers.

Therefore, it is more beneficial to our customers to partner with a dedicated classical tack supplier who offers a large supply of products as Kapson Equestrian.

This way, we also free up resources to focus on innovation and service that benefits the Straightness Training Academy.

Why Kapson Equestrian?

After careful consideration, we ar happy to announce that we have found a great partner in Kapson Equestrian!

They run a great customer support, and we share mutual values regarding horses, quality and serving customers.

Their webshop offers a wonderful base range of products that suit Straightness Training very well:

All products on kapsonequestrian.com are in stock for fast delivery.

The webshop is full automatic and ready-to-go for international orders.

Future Plans Of Kapson Equestrian

It’s the ambition of Jonna and Henrik, who live in Sweden and are the driving forces behind Kapson Equestrian, to continuously add products on the webshop!

When they have secured the supply chain with their suppliers new products will be added.

Already in a few weeks, more items will come available, and gradually the shop will scale up, so keep an eye on the kapsonequestrian.com.

In the meantime, if you have a special request, feel free to send an email to Jonna and Henrik through [email protected].


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