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ST UK Clinic – Comments of participants

uk-st-clinicCheck out their comments: 

Sharon France (Scotland) Having done the ST Home Study course I was thrilled to be finally going to see Marijke in person as well as, meet all the other ST students! I’m so glad I made the trip as it filled in a few holes in my understanding of the basic essentials. And how interesting….I had a little pile of questions saved up to ask Marijke but alas, I didn’t need to ask any of the questions as they were all answered over the course of the two days! It was great to hear the ST fundamentals being repeated over and over with each horse and rider to make sure we really got it’! I agree Marijke, ‘repetition is the mother of all skills’.

Antonia Bryan (UK) Just wanted to say thanks for the great clinic. I found Marijke engaging for both the audience and the riders (quite rare), and came away with lots of useful information. The clinic was full of lovely people and I was amazed at the skill of every rider on the clinic – testimony that Marijke’s method must work for everybody. I am looking forward to starting ST and feel I’ve found a great community to begin a long, but worthwhile journey. Just need to start by getting some ‘happy faces’ out of my sensitive ponio.

Rebecca Gilbert (UK) WOW WOW WOW! What an AMAZING Straightness Training clinic! THANK YOU so much Marijke, you gave 1000%. Your tuition had such clarity and power, it came through to every horse/rider combo amazingly well and the amount of ‘feel’ you were able to give to each student in such a short time was utterly breath taking!

Wendy Poore  (UK) So true, Rebecca, it really was an exceptional clinic, everyone made such huge progress, I have come away inspired and motivated and feeling like we have taken a huge step forward. Really fantastic. What else is nice is that I didn’t feel that we had to push to work on the more difficult exercises, knowing that the basic is the foundation from which everything else comes.
Safaya Alexandra Salter(UK) Just echoing what everyone else has already said and felt about the stimulating warm and wonderful weekend. Amelia Poole and I really had a great time and with deeper learning and refining the understanding about it all. Thanks Marijke de Jong for giving her all (as usual) and for the brave and brilliant horse and rider combinations who allowed us to watch their very visible progress. Also especially to Rebecca Gilbert and Millie who constantly provide star quality inspiration with great warmth and grace.
Amelia Poole (UK) It really was utterly AMAZING!! I feel massively inspired. Feeling very blessed to have met all of you, two and four legged 😉
Jacquie Billington (UK) The ST clinic at Cannington went so well for me and Fox and Rosie and Storm. We learned such lot again. Marijke is a genius – she really and truly is.
Elaine Coxon (UK) Marijke is certainly a genius. What transformations in humans and horses. It really was THE BEST clinic imageable. Both you and Rosie – and everyone at the clinic – did amazing.  This clinic was beyond  even wildest expectations!   I learnt so much this weekend, and am so inspired.  Mido gave me his open-ness, he has been waiting so long for me to give him the next piece of the puzzle, but I did not have the skills.  Thank you for showing him, so that he could show me.  You are the most amazing person, and a brilliant horsewoman.
Deborah At Heynes Equestrian (UK) Just wanted to thank everyone involved in the Cannington ST clinic for an absolutely fantastic experience. Wow! I am new to ST (after the lovely Jacquie Billington introduced me to ST), and this was my first clinic – but it certainly won’t be my last! I was so impressed by the clarity of Marijke de Jong s teaching, and the way in which she engages her audience with her warmth, humour, and knowledge and experience. Inspirational! And it was a real joy to watch how the students and their horses improved during the sessions under her expert tuition. But I was completely bowled over by the supportive and respectful approach of the audience (not always present in the horse-world!) The whole atmosphere created was warm and conducive to learning. Fantastic!
Emma Merrills (UK) I enjoyed myself so much. I was inspired by the way all the horses enjoyed the work and interacted with their handlers/riders, especially as some of the horses would have been sold on due to their respective ‘problems’.

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