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ST Down Under Tour with ST Instructor Elaine Coxon

In October ST Instructor Elaine Coxon went ‘down under’ to Australia and New Zealand for 5 Straightness Training Workshops:

Elaine did ST Workshops in:

  1. Margaret River, WA
  2. Adelaide, SA
  3. Canberra, ACT
  4. Hunter Valley, NSW
  5. Auckland, New Zealand

In this report you can read all about it:

1. ST Workshop in Margaret River, WA

What a great weekend it was at Elaine’s first ST Workshop in Margaret River, Western Australia, what a fantastic two days!

Despite the unseasonal weather conditions – we are sure it didn’t say in the Visitor Guide that hail, horizontal rain and high speed winds are normal for this time of year!! But it didn’t matter, it didn’t matter at all. The STudents and their horses were magnificient, the auditors were supportive, enquiring and hungry for knowledge.

Elaine and the STudents had two days of theory, talking about everything from the natural asymmetry, the keys with the solutions to help this NA puzzle, the stages of responsiveness, the balance required with the mental, emotional, physical and spirtitual areas – and lots more. Great questions and some simulations too…… People travelled great distances to attend – what dedication!

Angela Carroll did a great job of organising everything and being a lovely host.

st-workshop-margaret-river-01 st-workshop-margaret-river-2 st-workshop-margaret-river-3 st-workshop-margaret-river-4

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FB Feedback of participants:

Ann Montgomery Thanks so much Elaine Coxon for the clinic, yet again the more I learn, the more hungry I become for more knowledge. There is so much to learn, one can never be bored when your involved with our beloved equine partners.

Michelle Craig  Elaine Coxon I can’t thank you enough for this traveling all the way to Australia to bring this wonderdul programme to reality for me. I woke up this morning with a head full of knowledge and excitement I cannot wait to share. 😘😘 Angela Carroll what can I say but Hostess with the mostest. Thankyou so much for your incredible organisation skills it must have been massive , and also opening up your home to so many lovely ladies. I truly had such a wonderful knowledgeable weekend and i cant THANKYOU and Dan enough 😘😘.

Emma Allin Michelle Craig So well put I agree with every sentiment, fantastic weekend with wonderful hospitality from Angela Carroll and thought provoking information from Elaine Coxon!

Angela Carroll It was an absolute privilege to host the first ever Straightness Training workshop in Australia and to meet all you lovely enthusiastic people who want to do the right thing by your horses! ST is such an exciting and interesting journey. Thank you for coming to help us all on our way and I am looking forward to the next time you are able to come! 

Alex Mcmillan My biggest challenge prior to Elaine’s workshop was managing Mr T’s emotions. It was great that we had such weather to bring out the magnifying glass and show Elaine what were some of the emotional challenges for my partnership. Learning how to redirect was really powerful for me and has given me a lot more confidence to support my beautiful boy!

Yvette Kennedy Thankyou Elaine Coxon ST Instructor for giving us two great days of learning here in Adelaide we apreciate you taking the time away from your family both horse and human to share your knowledge and skill with us Aussies! I thought ST could be something i could get hooked on and now im sure just sad i couldnt bring my pony and show you how hard we have been working he- of course is the most beautiful wonderful bestest pony in the world and i made a special effort to tell him so when i arrived home today! thanks again and hopefully all the lovely girls i met over the last two days can support, discuss and share with each other till we see you again….soon hopefully

2. ST Workshop in Adelaide, SA

The second ST workshop of Elaine’s Down-under tour was in South Australia just outside Adelaide, South Australia.

Over the two days Elaine and the STudents looked at various theory – starting with the natural asymmetry and the 6 keys of ST and then thinking about the horse and human development to come to a higher place. The stages of responsiveness in the horse and the levels of conciousness in the human.

With 7 great horse/human combinations and a very supportive group of audiors it was a super two days. The handlers and their horses were wonderful!

Huge thanks to Anne Weston for being such a great host and organising the two day workshop.

st-workshop-adelaide-1 st-workshop-adelaide-2 st-workshop st-workshop-adelaide-3

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FB Feedback of participants:

Clare Bennett Big thank you Elaine. I am still prossessing the changes in Charm and me. I really learnt a lot from those 2 days especially watching other horses and handlers. All the of the horses were the best horses in the world.

Cara Beeson  Wow!!! What can I say but thank you to Elaine Coxon ST Instructor. Marley and my first hands on dabble at ST training and WOW!!! I felt like we were partaking at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna and I truely felt like Marley belonged there. The disappearance of the backyard allrounder gave way to the most beautiful swan. The almost magical transformation of each and everyone of the horses was truely inspirational physically mentally emotionally and spiritualy. Once again thank you Elaine for giving me the opportunity to add further tools to my Mary Poppins Bag!!! I think my biggest take home (and this is difficult to narrow to just one!) is to always bring my best Aikido and to ask them to do the same by doing so we can help them become the best versions of themselves.

Anne Weston To the everyone that participated, you are awesome. Thankyou to Elaine Coxon we learnt so much. Personally , I have gained so much, since I began working with ST , my horses are so much better for it. Super clinic. If there is ever an opportunity to attend an ST workshop, take yourself, your horse, you will be inspired and leave with a whole new level of knowledge about yourself and your horse.

Sherie Coombe Grateful thanks to Anne Weston for being the brave one to take on the challenge of organising the clinic. I admire your courage honey. Thank you so very much to Elaine Coxon for making the long journey over here to share with us your wisdom, your kindness and your inspiring example of the beauty that is possible with of the philosophy and practice of this training. Admirable thanks to the brave participants with their beautiful horses. It was so inspiring to see the transformations and the growth in your horses and the love you have for them. You all did so well and each of your horses were beautifully different and offered us all as auditors also, such varied opportunities to learn and broaden our understanding. My biggest takeaways were a reinforcement of the belief that we will progress more towards our goals if we are willing to take the detours and work on whatever it is that presents itself on the day. It may not be exactly what our original plan was but it is what our horse needs the most (and ourselves too) and by solving that puzzle first, we will get to where we dream to be faster. The shortest distance between two points is rarely a straight line 😉. It captures the ability to be in the present which is where our horses are able to meet us emotionally and spiritually. The other takeaway for me was that you CAN do it (we all can 😉) and to just keep going and to trust ourselves and our horses, to not to doubt ourselves and to not hold ourselves back. Believe in our self and our horse, for our horse. Which is exactly what I needed to remember, for where I was at emotionally 😉💖. Just my 2 cents worth anyway 😉

Melanie Griffiths I thoroughly enjoyed the two days spent watching Elaine instruct, she is such an intuitive, caring and kind person to both horses and humans. Lots of encouragement and tips to take home thank you Elaine. But we would not have met Elaine if was not for Anne’s great organising and foresight. Thank you to both of you, and look forward to next time! 🙂

3. ST Workshop in Canberra, ACT

Down-under ST Workshop No 3 – just outside Canberra, Australian Capital Territory.

Elaine had a great time with lovely STudents, horses and auditors.

On Day 1 the theory was about having a greater understanding of the natural asymmetry and the 6 keys of ST. Day 2 theory developed from Q&A and the topics that arose included Teaching Styles, Zones, and the Motivation Quadrant. Lots of learning and some fun along the way!

Many thanks to Lee-Anne Shepherd for being such a great host!

canberra-1 canberra-2 canberra-3 canberra-08

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FB Feedback of participants:

elaine-coxon-duCaithe Hodges  Amazing to see and feel the transformations in the horses and participants in only 2 days. I really appreciated the holistic approach to training with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. There are no formulas and no templates, only the horse and what “the best horse in the world” needs in that moment. My brain is full and my heart is tender ❤️ Thank you Elaine for your time, intention and wisdom. Thank you Lee-Anne – host extraordinaire: you rock! Thank you to the other participants and auditors who shared their own learnings, and thank you Tinkie for opening up and allowing yourself to trust me in the moment. 🌸

Bonnie Sweeney Such a fantastic couple of days.

canberra-07Lee-Anne Shepherd Wonderful couple of days learning so much about Straightness Training from ST Instructor Elaine Coxon. Huge thank you to Elaine for coming all the way from the UK to share the magic with us, and a big thank you to everyone who came along – it was such a pleasure to share it with you 🙂 Was beautiful to see amazing transformations in the horses. For those of you with clinics yet to come – you have something wonderful to look forward to:) Feeling very inspired.

Andrea Beess Thank you Elaine for two wonderful days, so much information and inspiration, the transformation in every horse and handler was just so fantastic to watch. I think we are all on fire now to practice, practice, practice and get ready for Sandy Nye’s clinic in December. What an awesome path to be on. Very happy and excited !

4. ST Workshop in Hunter Valley, NSW

Elaine’s fourth and final ST workshop in Australia during this grand tour, at the great facilites of Apptrak Stud.

Lots of Q&A during the 2 days, diving into lots of topics, theory hours and a chance to follow the ST journies of 7 horse/handler combinations.

Lots of enthusiasm from everyone – thanks to everyone who made this workshop happen, the horses and their handlers and the auditors too.

Suzy Roe had some great facilities for us during this workshop and another venue to fit into Elaine’s diary again next year!

FB Feedback of participants:

Ilka Chapman Raat Word’s can’t explain how inspired I am after attending a two day StaightnessTraining Clinic with Elaine Coxon  and Suzy Roe from Apptrak Stud in beautiful Laguna. I had such a wonderful time spending time with other like minded people.. Elaine you did an amazing job!! I’m sure we have all taken away so much useful information to help the horse become all it can be and more. 

Fiona Halloran Rix  Thank you so much for the last 3 days sharing your knowledge and compassion Elaine  😄 Pete and I are so excited to be on this journey… well I am, he’d rather go to the gym and have carrot cake with Sera!

Suzy Roe It was a really interesting clinic – so much to take on board! Elaine Coxon was very informative & patient. There was a great interest amongst the Riders & Auditors, I think perhaps the most I have ever seen of people really watching all the lessons & taking home the training. 

Joanne Quinn Miller There was so many learning points even just as an auditor but for me it was the way Elaine and the horses brought the Straightness Training Websites alive. I had only ever seen ST on the web before and to see the horses transform right in front of my eyes was awesome. The numerous demonstrations of the 5R’s was so helpful and I came away with lots of little gaps filled in. Thank you to everyone for such an enlightening 2 days 🙂

5. ST Workshop in Auckland, New Zealand

What a great workshop to finish on in New Zealand!

Seven horses/handlers – one travelling her horse for 12 hours – Lynley Bolt – that is true dedication.

Auditors who were supportive, enquiring and enthusiastic – again some travelling great distances to attend.

Some horses just starting out, others in Mastery who are advancing on their journies. So there was lots of variation for everyone. Addressing the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states of the horses.

Theory included natural asymmetry, 6 keys of ST, catergories of errors as well as lots more information led by the Q&As from many enquiring minds.

Sue Pennington was a great host and organised everything brilliantly (as did all the hosts).

st-workshop-auckland-3 st-workshop-auckland-2 st-workshop-auckland-1 st-workshop-auckland-4

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FB Feedback of participants:

Ngaire Fisher I had my first play tonight, trying to put into practice what I saw on the course. Only to realise how stiff my horse is! Barely able to flex laterally without taking lots of weight off the outside foreleg! Very difficult to even stand square. We have lots of work to do, but already I can see how it will benefit him 🙂

Tania Pedersen I’m still landing after a weekend submerged in Straightness Training, what a great and enriching experience. Thanks to Everyone for making it such a positive learning experience, and looking forward to more of the same next year.

Judith Hayes A fantastic inspirational weekend with fabulous people, horses and wonderful instruction. Still buzzing.

Daria Simona Dragla Fantastic weekend!! Still going over and over it in my head :))

Donna Anderson Wow what an amazing 2 days, the ST course that Marijke has put together is absolutely astounding & to see the principals used with a number of combination of horse & riders was truely a privilege. Elaine did an outstanding job of making every horse & rider leave that arena feeling like a truely uplifted version of the beauty that came into the arena, well done Elaine.For me one of the great insights was the minimal amount of change that can create a huge change in actions yes the 2 mm of change effect was evident throughout the clinic.I also really enjoyed the range of people there but all were supportive so well done all of you. 

Lynley Bolt I just arrived home last night, put my exhausted, wonderful pony in her paddock with her friends, took my dogs for a walk and after dinner expected to have a lovely restful sleep in my own bed. But no, the awareness that is growing, that is building, from being a part of this wonderful Straightness Training Journey does not allow me to sleep a great deal.
I have such admiration and respect for Marijke de Jong for her dedication and faith to share her years of experience and knowledge to build an amazing team of instructors to help spread the beauty.
I only personally have met Elaine Coxon ST Instructor but through Elaine I feel Marijke, I feel her presence, her eyes and her love for the horse, and her faith that we can step up to the task of being worthy. I have just arrived home from Elaine’s wonderful clinic in New Zealand, what an amazing, inspiring, beautiful woman, the love that she gave us all is incredible. The 2 mm of change in our feel, timing and positioning that Elaine brought to our understanding created a huge difference, Donna and I looked back on our evaluations that were done only a few months ago and oh my!
The Evaluation programme is truly amazing, to get the feed back, the hours of dedication from the evaluators, and to think of the life time of work that has gone into this programme for US from Marijke de Jong is truly humbling.
For me the Evaluation programme has opened doors, doors to my mind, to my body, to my hands and so much more.
The help that is in the evaluators comments is unlimited, it is forever giving, I suggest we all go back and read and watch again and again, more will come each time. If you haven’t felt the growth from putting in a touchstone, I suggest you try. For each of us it will be different, but the growth will be amazing if you allow.
I salute you Marijke, Elaine and Team Straightness Training
With Love
Lynley and Lucy

Sue Pennington Thank you Elaine for coming to NZ so that we could also benefit from you wealth of knowledge about ST and the huge benefits it will have for our horses. Your tour has been perfectly timed for me and young Jasper, what a great way for a young horse to start working towards being ridden 🙂 We are all very excited about your 2017 tour! Safe trip home !

Ellie Harrison Thank you so much Elaine, I’m not really sure how to articulate my feelings but I’m still buzzing from the weekend. This is definitely my next step in our horsemanship journey and I’m so excited to see where we can get with it. Looking forward to having you back next year. Sign me up for mastery straight away I’m so so keen. Safe travels for the long journey 🙂

ST Down Under Tour 2017

elaine-coxon-down-under-03Elaine Coxon ST Instructor:

“My down under tour has come to a close. And what a grand adventure it has been. The hosts have looked after me so well, the reception from everyone has been amazing. Students travelling their horses up to 12 (yes 12!) hours to come to the workshop. Auditors taking flights to attend from both inter and outer state. What a fabulous reception! All of you inviting me back……so will return in 2017.

A HUGE thank you to all hosts – Angela Carroll, Anne Weston, Lee-Anne Shepherd, Suzy Roe and Sue Pennington for being PERFECT hosts!

HUGE thanks to all the students and their horses for being awesome.

HUGE thanks to the auditors for being so supportive and enthusiastic.

It was so inspiring to be amongst such positive energy.

Look forward to following all your journies and getting back together with you again in 2017!”

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