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ST Evaluation Graduates October 2016


This month the following Touchstones have been evaluated:


☆¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆ CONGRATULATIONS ☆¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆

The following ST Mastery students have passed a Touchstone
in September 2016!

(in alphabetical order)

Groundwork 1

☆ Evaluated byST Instructor Zaneta Georgiades:

– Annette Slavensky (Denmark)
– Beth Thalacker Hammelbacher (USA)
– Guido Verhagen (Netherlands)
– Penny Smith (Spain)
– Sharon Henel (USA)

☆ Evaluated by ST Instructor Carolin Moldenhauer:

– Sietske Meerloo (Spain)
– Suvi Saarikko Os Siitari (Finland)

☆ Evaluated by ST Instructor Roz Richmond:

– Josée Lafontaine (Canada)
– Kristina Johnson (UK)
– Lara Burau (USA)
– Linda Ketteridge (Australia)
– Lorraine Sanderson (UK)
– Sophie Robson (UK)

☆ Evaluated byST Instructor Miriam Sherman:

– Andrej Kovač (Germany)
– Tina Petrera (Italy)

☆ Evaluated byST Instructor Anouk Wienia:

– Delaine M Wright (USA)
– Mira Stol (France)

Work in hand 1

☆ Evaluated by ST Instructor Zaneta Georgiades:

– Tina Augustin (Sweden)

☆ Evaluated by ST Instructor Rebecca Gilbert:

– Caryl Richardson (USA)
– Katja Mueller (USA)

☆ Evaluated by ST Instructor Roz Richmond:

– Sara Halladey (UK)

Liberty 1

☆ Evaluated by Rebecca Gilbert ST Instructor

– Laila Ohlsson (Sweden)

Grade Graduation


Laila Ohlsson from Sweden passed all five Touchstones on the level of Grade 1 with her horse Chrechendo and graduated this month in Grade 1 in the ST Evaluation program!


Dora Hebrock from the USA passed all five Touchstones on the level of Grade 2 with her Kim and graduated this month in Grade 2 in the ST Evaluation program!

Evaluation forms

The evaluation forms with valuable tips and feedback have been send to these ST Mastery students by email and can be viewed in the members area of the ST Evaluation Program!

Touchstone & Grade Certificates

All ST Mastery students will receive an electronic Touchstone certificate by email or a framed Grade certificate by mail:

touchstones-graduates grade-certificate

ST Evaluation Program

More information about the ST Evaluation Program can be found here:


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