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ST Evaluation Graduates October 2017


The following ST Mastery students have passed a Touchstone in October 2017 in the ST Evaluation Program:


☆¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆ CONGRATULATIONS ☆¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆

All this month’s Touchstones in the ST Evaluation Program have been evaluated by an ST Evaluator and the following ST Mastery students have passed:

(names in alphabetical order)

Riding 1

☆ Evaluated by ST Instructor Carolin Moldenhauer:

  • Vivienne Day – UK

☆ Evaluated by ST Instructor Miriam Sherman:

  • Eva Zaludkova – Czech Republic

Work in hand 1

☆ Evaluated by ST Instructor Zaneta Georgiades:

  • Kim Alford – South Africa
  • Liesl Kruger – South Africa
  • Kaye Stevenson – South Africa

☆ Evaluated by ST Instructor Carolin Moldenhauer:

  • Alison Klee – US

☆ Evaluated by ST Instructor Miriam Sherman:

  • Katrien Ozeel – Belgium

Longeing 1

☆ Evaluated by ST Instructor Marianne Lee:

  • Diedre’ Yvonne Rocha – South Africa

Groundwork 1

☆ Evaluated by ST Instructor Meg Brauch:

  • Anu Marrak – Estonia

☆ Evaluated by ST Instructor Elaine Coxon:

  • Ann Montgomery – Australia

☆ Evaluated by ST Instructor Marianne Lee:

  • Maria Johansson Klepek – Sweden

☆ Evaluated by ST Instructor Rebecca Gilbert:

  • Alison Klee – UK

☆ Evaluated by ST Instructor Wendy Poore:

  • Rachel Van Nierop – Australia

☆ Evaluated by ST Instructor Roz Richmond:

  • Jackie Heaton – UK

☆ Evaluated by ST Instructor Kim Steutel:

  • Deborah Watts – US

☆ Evaluated by ST Instructor Anouk Wienia:

  • Pascale Kuypers – Netherlands

Grade Graduation


ST Mastery student Vivienne Day from the UK passed Riding 1 with her gelding Harry and with that she passed all 5 Touchstones in Grade 1!

Congratulations to Vivienne and Harry!

Evaluation forms

The evaluation forms with valuable tips and feedback have been sent to these ST Mastery students by email and can be viewed in the members area of the ST Evaluation Portal!

Touchstone & Grade Certificates

All Touchstone graduates have received an electronic Touchstone certificate by email. Grade gradiates will receive a framed Grade certificate by mail:

touchstones-graduates grade-certificate

ST Evaluation Program

More information about the ST Evaluation Program can be found here:


ST Mastery Class 2017

The preparation for the start of the Mastery 2017 Class in November is in full swing behind the scenes!

We are very excited to start working together in our online ST Mastery Program and ST Evaluation Program in week 45 of November!

Because we imagine a world in which the vast majority of riders wake up every single morning inspired to do great things with their horse…

And feel fulfilled at the end of the day!

Where riders have an amazing relationship and magnificent life with their horse!

A world without unnecessary suffering for horses and their riders, because life’s too short to suffer!

We, as an organization, see ourselves as leading a movement to build this world.

We want as many riders as possible to make a positive difference for their horse…

Where they put the body, mind, heart, and soul of the horse first

And can be the change they want to see!

To build this world, we know that we can’t do it alone:

We know that together is better!

Therefore, by using the internet, we can join forces in our online Straightness Training Academy.

It’s the place where ancient wisdom, modern science, common sense, practical experience, fun, and mastery come together…

To help you on your personal path to mastery…

So you can be the best you can be for your horse.

By inviting people to join the online Straightness Training Academy, we hope to create an inspiring group of loyal horse trainers and instructors dedicated to the cause of improving health, joy, and beauty in working with horses – based on the principles of Straightness Training.

And the comprehensive, well-structured, simple to use and user-friendly ST Mastery Program integrates all aspects on working on you and your horse.

It has all the ‘why, what, how and when’ for training horses.

And it works brilliantly on all types of horses, regardless of age and breed.

It includes step-by-step coaching and 24/7 support to get to the next levels of you and your horse’s abilities.

Also, you will have access to the ST Evaluation Program, whereby you can submit videos of your training to be evaluated to help guide you further on your journey.

This approach enables you to progress at your own pace and to stay on track.

It is an invaluable support in your horsemanship journey!

It helps you take your level of horsemanship and relationship with your horse to a completely different level – one you never believed would be possible before!

Now, I’m going to start a brand-new Mastery 2017 Class in November.

And anyone with any horse can join this program – no matter what age or breed or level of competence – there are no admission requirements to join.

Plus, the wonderful thing is, that you’ll reach me and like-minded Mastery students all across the world, but never have to leave home.

It’s going to be amazing…

But remember:

Seating is limited in the Mastery 2017 Class, because my team of evaluators and I want to give you personal feedback on your work, so you get the attention and coaching you deserve.

That means…

The early bird gets the worm, so to speak.

Therefore, I’ve set up this special page where EARLY ACCESS to the Mastery 2017 Class is granted.

Now, registration for the Mastery 2017 Class goes LIVE in November, week 45.

But if you want early access (and a special Early Bird bonus in the form of an extra coaching session) – get on the Early Bird List:

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