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ST Evaluators passed the Longeing exams

CongratsLO1examCongratulations to the following ST Instructors and ST Evaluators on passing their exams in the ST Evaluator Program:

LONGEING 1 EVALUATION EXAM (in alphabetica order):


Well done all of you! 🙂

What is an ST Evaluator?

ST Evaluators are licensed ST Instructors who are able to evaluate videos of ST students in the ST Evaluation Program (STE).

The ST Evaluation Program is our online video evaluation system and it’s designed to evaluate and measure the level of skill of rider and horse in the training pillars groundwork, longeing,work in hand, riding and liberty.

Through videos rider and horse can demonstrate their ability to perform a set of exercises and since the start of the program already over 1000 videos have been submitted from all over the world: Indonesia, Taiwan, Brazil, Australia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and many countries in Europe, America and other continents. Thanks to in-depth evaluation forms with valuable tips and feedback from ST Evaluators, these riders are able to progress much faster as they would do on their own.

All ST Evaluators have been – and still are – in an extensive training program under Marijke de Jong’s intenstive supervision. They evaluate according to a set of STE guidelines. With the STE Guidelines we strive to create uniformity in the evaluations and to set a high standard, and all ST Evaluators step up to this standard.

Now the group of ST Evaluators mentioned above just passed the Groundwork 1 & 2 and Longeing 1 & 2 exams. That means that they are able and allowed to independently evaluate videos of students who are doing Groundwork and Longeing on the level of Grade 1 and 2. It will still be done under Marijke’s full responsiblity, but with less intensive supervision, and more on an independent basis, because they have proven that they can evaluate according to the high standard.

In September the ST Evaluators will also do their exam for Work in hand 1 and 2.

What is the role of an ST Evaluator?

You can consider a certified ST Evaluator as your personal online ST instructor who gives you online lessons by giving feedback on your videos via an evaluation form.

Now it’s very important to see every evaluation form as a ‘lesson’ that you are receiving, and to not consider it as a ‘test’ that has to be passed. You will just receive a ‘lesson on paper‘ so you know WHAT you did well, what you need to improve, the reason WHY and valuable tips on HOW to improve things. This way you always know where you are, where you need to go and how to get there!

The ST Evaluator will write a personalized evaluation form and give you a tailor made advice that suits you and your horse best so you can reach the goals that you aim for.

Good luck!

Now conquering their exams is just the beginning for our ST Evaluators!

May you conquer the world and help many riders and horses wherever they are in the world, by shining your authentic and valuable light on many, many more videos!

All the best and good luck in your career as ST Evaluator! (y) 🙂

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