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ST Instructors Passed Annual Theory Exam

Every year, it is important that the ST Community can verify that ST Instructors are still up to date when it comes to ST knowledge because the ST knowledge base is always expanding.
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So the ST Instructors have been asked questions about:

  • 35 new articles have been written on this website in 2018.
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  • 29 new videos have been added to the Mastery Program this year.
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  • 6 Mastermind Sessions – 3 hours each – with lectures and Q&A have been held in 2018.
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  • 2 interesting books from other fields have been added to the yearly book list for ST Instructors to widen, broaden, and deepen the instructors’s awareness.
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So to check if all ST Instructors are up to date, they have been answering over 30 questions about those topics, and they all did successfully!!

The following Straightness Training Instructors have passed the annual theory exam for ST Instructors:

(Names in alphabetical order)
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🇧🇷 ST Instructor Juliana Dorneles

🇿🇦 ST Instructor Zaneta Georgiades:

‍‍🇬🇧 ST Instructor Rebecca Gilbert

🇧🇷 ST Instructor Victor Gueiros Freire

‍‍🇺🇸 ST Instructor Dora Hebrock

🇩🇪 ST Instructor Carolin Moldenhauer

‍‍🇬🇧 ST Trainee Instructor Christy Morley

‍‍🇬🇧 ST Instructor Wendy Poore

‍‍🇬🇧 ST Instructor Roz Richmond

🇩🇪 ST Instructor Miriam Sherman

🇳🇱 ST Instructor Kim Steutel

🇳🇱 ST Instructor Rosan Veer

🇳🇱 ST Instructor Anouk Wienia
Well done!

High five!! 🙌🏻😊
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And to those ST Instructors who are wrapping up some final update and grade Touchstones this month: good luck!! And Christy Morley good luck with the ST Trainee Instructor Theory exam next week! ‍‍🍀🍀‍‍

More information about the ST Instructor program can be found here:
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▶︎ www.straightnesstrainingacademy.com
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